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On Demand Exclusive: SOME GIRL(S) with Kristen Bell and Adam Brody

Jeremy Boxer
June 28, 2013 by Jeremy Boxer Alum

Thrilling update! See the actors and director talk about Some Girl(s) in the behind-the-scenes preview:

"Some Girl(s)" - Behind-the-Scenes Preview from Some Girl(s) on Vimeo.

We sure are feeling some thrill(s) right now!

That’s because we are very excited to tell you about the first-ever feature film available exclusively through Vimeo On Demand: SOME GIRL(S).

SOME GIRL(S) is based on a play of the same name by the renowned director and playwright Neil Labute, who you may know from such spectacular work as In The Company of Men, Your Friends and Neighbors, Nurse Betty, and The Shape of Things.

In addition to that spectacularness, SOME GIRL(S) stars Kristen Bell and Adam Brody, who are all kinds of famous and also very beautiful.

Labute is known for tackling thorny subjects, so if you’re wondering what this film is about — besides girl(s) — check it:

“A successful writer (Adam Brody), on the eve of his wedding, travels across the country to meet up with ex-lovers in an attempt to make amends for past relationship transgressions. Crisscrossing from Seattle to Boston, he reunites with high school sweetheart SAM (Jennifer Morrison), sexually free-spirited TYLER (Mia Maestro), married college professor LINDSAY (Emily Watson), his best friend’s little sister REGGIE (Zoe Kazan), and “the one that got away" BOBBI (Kristen Bell). Daisy von Scherler Mayer (PARTY GIRL) directs this journey of a modern-day Candide stumbling through a landscape familiar to most men—messy breakups.”

So then, if modern-day Candides are your thing, or you are sexually free-spirited, or you’ve been to Seattle, or you just enjoy really funny, irreverent movies, we exhort you to run to Vimeo On Demand to immerse thyself in this fantastic piece of cinema.


Look for more On Demand exclusives coming soon. We hope you enjoy getting to know SOME GIRL(S)!


Joe Hedge

I paid $10 to download this, but never received a download link...


I paid for the movie too, and can´t download it!!! Where´s the link?

Arno Faure

As I said in my review, it was a great experience to watch the movie on Vimeo! Liked it a lot.
Just could it be possible to had a resume button in the future, cause I had to stop watching for a while and I had to FF manually (a bit annoying).
But again I'd like to say a big BRAVO for the Vimeo Staff and the filmmakers!

Riley Hooper Staff

Hey, that's a great suggestion! I'm making note of your feedback, and will share it with our product team. We love getting feedback from the Vimeo community about how we can improve our service so keep 'em coming!

Carly Simon

i loved the movie! So glad to be able to watch it and feel as though I'm on the cutting edge of technology. But that's a tiny part of it
I thought it the kind of movie that people sit around and talk about which of the girls they identify with the most. LIke in Winnie the Pooh. Everyone is either a Tigger or a Pooh or a Kanga. (well, I know I am!!!) Congratulations you Vimeo on Demand people. Keep sending me your movies.
what a great start!!!!


hey my name is liliana and I am new can you tell me how to make a video on vimeo


Paid 10$, but can not download...
actually I think the problem is, that when you buy it, the screen at the end doesn't offer a download link, but you have to go back to the film, and click on download there, under the watch button. This might be why people think they can not download it.


mamma mia che ansia e che deve morire? mi piacerebbe essere così comunque, permettere al proprio compagno di provare sentimenti vecchi da confrontare con quello che prova per me MA COSA SONO LA MAMMA non lo sopporterei!!!


VOD is pretty cool and has some very interesting films...

But being able to watch a video for only 1 week after purchasing, and not being able to download to watch when I want and not stream, is just plain stupid. If you want VOD to be a success make it happen or it will just be ignored.


does anyone know a good website where you can watch French or Italian films for free?

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