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One Day on Earth documentary premieres on Earth Day!

Matt Schwarz
April 14, 2012 by Matt Schwarz Alum

Hey all you Vimeans!

It's our pleasure to announce another great achievement for a project that is bringing people closer through the power of video. The One Day on Earth (ODOE) community has been producing collaborative film events on a global scale since 2008, and the group's biggest endeavor has been to use video to capture all that happens around the world in a single day. The most recent global recording took place last November (11/11/11) and was a massive success, collecting video from every country on Earth!

Now a feature-length documentary film encapsulating ODOE is finally complete. It will premiere on April 22, 2012, a.k.a. Earth Day.

The film will premiere on the same day all across the globe — people can attend free screenings in more than 160 countries, including difficult-to-secure locations like North Korea and Equatorial Guinea, to name just a few. For information on where to see the film near you, or to host your own screening, check out the One Day on Earth site.

To our fellow New Yorkers — your Earth Day screening will be held at the UN General Assembly at 5pm. You can get tickets and more info here. We’re attending, and we hope to see you there!


Cevdet Ayaz

will you release it on the web with subtitle support ?

One Day on Earth PRO

We have subtitled the film in over 20 languages so far - whew! As far as digital distribution, we first want to try and bring people together through screening events. What city are you in? Digital / online will follow that though.

Cevdet Ayaz

i am from istanbul , Turkey. but i cant be there on 22nd of April. thats why i asked it. thank you for replying. i will be waiting for web release.

Tiago Reis

Will there be screening in Barcelona, Spain?

rebe belli

There's no screening in Madrid :( ,
you should do something paralel beside theaters. With a digital streaming premiere your message becomes stronger, and is for everybody out there, especially if you have created a social networking platform for the final making, and even more if you want that this project become a worlwide document/event.

One Day on Earth PRO

We are working on this right now. I think we have a great opportunity coming together just as of this morning.

One Day on Earth PRO

Please see the link below, we have a few, including Mexico City with the movie theater chain Cinepolis, one in Mexico City (location to be confirmed), one in San Cristóbal, Chiapas, and the third one in Mérida, Yucatán. There are a few more brewing, but check the link below for more details


This is a different film from the Ridley scot involved one right? I recall that film did not have all the countries in the world as it didn't include the countries USA had sanctions against!

One Day on Earth PRO

This is a very different film done with the logistical support of some of the most respected NGOs of the world and the United Nations. Not to mention, done with the the Vimeo community (which I think we all know kicks ass).

One Day on Earth PRO

Adam! We'd be very excited to get this film to Scotland. Send us a message through vimeo mail with you email address and lets talk!

Georgi Oreshkov

Is there a screening planned for Sofia, Bulgaria yet? I don`t see it in the listing...

One Day on Earth PRO

The closest I can see is at American University in Bulgaria - which is a little over 100 km away. you can RSVP for it here: If you are interested.


more then half of this documentary must of been done with dslr's :P

One Day on Earth PRO

There is certainly a lot of pros that showed up, but also a lot of handheld cheaper technology too.

Mathilde Le Moal

So sad there's no screening in Paris. Maybe you're already on the case. If not, maybe I can help you ?

One Day on Earth PRO

Hi - YES it is sad - apparently the first round of elections got in the way. But we got in touch with someone today who might be able to help, perhaps you would like to join forces :) send us a message though Vimeo mail with you email address and let's coordinate!

Troy Knott

There should be a screening in New Zealands capital city Wellington

Jordan Borel

Bring this to the University of Kansas! theres no where around to see it here :(

Axel Sarnoch Plus

Yeapee, Nuremberg is one of the places you can see the film....

Nicolas Fernandes Farias

Hey Matt, i'm from Brazil, and I loved the idea and all, congratulations for all the team. I wrote a post on my blog ( for all brazilians, so we can spread to this country the integration and the organism that we all are part of, and this documentary shows us the whole organism, as we are used to see only closer cells. Again, congratulations for the work, it'll be a success, for sure. Nicolas

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