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One week left to submit to the 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards

Chris Diken
February 13, 2012 by Chris Diken Alum

Like a cheetah on roller skates, the Vimeo Festival + Awards are fast approaching, and we don’t want you to miss a thing — especially your chance to submit! Submissions close February 20, which means you have just one week left to share your best work in one or more of 13 categories. There are categories for everyone, and you don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to show us your stuff.

If the looming deadline doesn’t light a fire under your fingertips, maybe the chance to have your videos seen by famous people will inspire you. As you may have heard, our newly announced Festival + Awards judges include actor/director/Renaissance dude James Franco, world’s funniest human Aziz Ansari, 2012 Oscar Nominee Lucy Walker, snowboard superstar Travis Rice, and Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood.

Don’t miss your chance: Submit today!


Andrew Cloke Plus

How soon will stuff be shortlisted? Or is there somewhere you can see all the entires?


I did submit last month did you not get my entry? Who can I contact to ensure that you did.

Laurie Anspach

I can't get the video to submit. I'm trying to get your site to help me fix this. How do I contact someone at Vimeo?

Yves Dalbiez PRO

Same here. I paid two days ago without being able to choose a video to submit. The "choose" page was skipped. I still have no idea how to choose a video without paying again. Are you guys working on it? deadline is soon. Thanks.

Juggling Wolf Plus

is there a way to edited submissions' information? I like to know if I can change the name of the submission.

PB Digital:Patrick Baroch Plus

Where can I find an explanation of the categories? My video is of a poet reading his poetry in the foreground while action takes place behind him. It's a 15 minute single take.

indiginz Plus

pity it costs, can't afford it but do understand


Really? You guys went with PayPal?? I'm trying to submit but am having problems with PayPal? Why not have a 2nd form of payment? Same way we renew our account; through a debit or credit card.

Joe Hambleton

Wish it was extended until end of March, won't be done my film till then. Good Luck everyone.

Setera Media

We submitted into wrong category. Will we have to submit again into correct category? Or could you move this for us? From 'Narrative' To 'Captured'.
Please inform. Thanks!


thanks but no rather spend $20 on my valentine

Kaiyun Lee

I submmitted a wrong category, is there anyway to correct? or should I submmitted again? Please inform. Thanks.

Dackard Prot

Won't protect your movie. Someone can easily trim the borders and get rid of your stamp. Better create large stamp and make it hardly visible over the whole picture area, or forget the copyright law. Otherwise, it is better to notify your viewers about the creator. Allow copying and place your email address in the beginning and at the end of the movie. People will be copying your movie anyway if it is good. They do not care about the copyright law. After all what copyright can you expect if you talk about an art? It is all about publishing freely. Art is not money and copyright. If it was, it would be your job, and the job is not art, it is waist of your time.

Timothy Murray Plus

Link to last year's winners is broken or not working on the "new" vimeo.

Also, it's a shame there's no category for promotional videos. It's a total miss by you guys because it's the most useful form of video on the web these days.

I have a few great videos that aren't true music videos or documentaries or blatant advertising. They are works that are under 2 minutes long and promote artists. Make a category for this please!!!

MedialandFilms Plus

paid my $5 entry fee through pay pal then I was never taken to the screen to submit my video.

Yves Dalbiez PRO

I don't think there is anything related to this in the "help" section. Jay, Todd, Did you guys found out how to submit your video finally? I have been stucked from 2 days ago now.

Dackard Prot

Guys, lets organize our own festival, where we place 1 dollar each at some non-profit organization. 100% of that money will go to first 20 best film directors in few categories, say 10. All of us will be allowed to be in Jury. The price will go based on our democratic decision. What do you think about that?

William Zapata M.

Hey, ¿when you´re going to start posting info in spanish? It would be great!

Janice Y. Perez

the festival is open to the public, yeah?

also, vimeo, while this may not be the general sentiment, i do commend you for a much lower entry fee compared to what's the standard at festivals that use withoutabox. PLUS, you guys are much more customer-friendly, hands down! kudos, vimeo team! =)

Kerri Miller Plus

I was not able to submit the video to the contest. I already paid the $5 but it never allowed me to select one of my videos. please help.

Alessandro Moglie

I submitted my video last month,
I have paid... and taken no further action.
did you get my entry? Who can I contact to ensure that you did?

Todd James Schmidt Plus

Just like Jay, paid my $5 entry fee through pay pal then I was never taken to the screen to submit my video.

Scott Dodoro


At the top of this blog, click on submit in the second line of the post by the staff. It took me to where I can select my upload.

Or maybe follow this link?

Boudicca Platform13

Basic accounts only have a monthly 500MB allowance, Is it possible to upload a video bigger than 500MB for entry into the awards?

*Tried your recommended compression, But quality is not good!

carl rock Plus

I'm want to enter the Narrative film section however my short film has not jet been premiered at any festival. As I am currently submitting it on the circuit, I am worried that if my film makes the finals and the full film is put on a "Public" link then I will this will void my short from any further film festival competition.

Will you give me confirmation to only use clips of the film for "Publicity" purposes? Or will you have to make the complete running time "public"?

Lein Fan

I can't submit the video, do you guys have any video tutorial?
Already try heaps time by paypal pay the $20 entry fee, but there have no next step or even a sign cue.
Do i have to be a vimeo plus account holder first then enroll the festival???

Ofir Naot Plus

Like LeinFan above the same happened to me I am paying via paypal and can't get to any place to upload an entry - don't understand how to work with this system - after paying the system reacts as if I have allready uploaded something and shows zero credits!

manuelle YERLY

It seems great but unfortunatly, no credit card !

Giancarlo Bono

If I submit a french song in the music video category is it ok?

venusTRIBES (Jose DeChamp)

exciting! we just don't know what category our clip "lobsan's prayer" possibly could be ... it is a letter after all. all the best to all entries

Stephen Niebauer Staff

Hello all, if you are experiencing issues with the Awards submission process, please go to to get help. Please do not post on this blog about it. Thanks!

Baber Afzal Plus

I would like to submit my short but my only concern is that if it gets selected later on, it will be available to the public online, would that be a problem when I submit my short off to other festivals? Since there are some festivals which do not allow shorts to be viewed online before submission.

Please advise.

Thanks! :)

Argonaut Productions Plus

we have a short film that was screened at 2 small festivals last year. Would that make us ineligible for submission?

Stephen Niebauer Staff

"It must have premiered (i.e., it was publicly displayed for the first time) online between July 31, 2010 and February 20, 2012 or has not premiered elsewhere at the time you submitted it."


have paid for two films and cant see how i upload and submit them??? please help!!!

Ariel Erisian

pumped to meet the deadline. going through sound edits now!!! Look out for 'Ariel Erisian' at the Vimeo Festival everybody!!!

Craig MacLachlan

Hi. My friend and I co-wrote and shot a short film and we showed it at at the student film festival at Southern Oregon University in may of 2011. After that its been on Vimeo and a few places but never premiered online. The last part of the rules below are a bit confusing, does our short film not qualify because it premiered somewhere else? Thanks!
"It must have premiered (i.e., it was publicly displayed for the first time) online between July 31, 2010 and February 20, 2012 or has not premiered elsewhere at the time you submitted it"

ilovecut Plus

Hi guys,
is it possible to submit a video containing a Sigur Ros music track? I read somewhere that they made all of their music royalty free but I can't actually find something official to confirm it.

Stephen Niebauer Staff

"The Submission must not contain any third party work, INCLUDING ANY MUSICAL RECORDING OR COMPOSITION, unless (1) you have a license to use such work in the Submission from the owners/licensors; (2) such work is in the public domain; (3) your use of such work is clearly "fair use" under United States copyright law."

Shir Har-Gil

Burning the midnight oil to finish my BA final project. It's due date is also Feb 20th, so hopefully I'll upload at the last second


What happens if you watch someone's entry and you decide the submitter entered his/her work in the wrong category? Would this be a reason to disqualify someone's work, or would you simply move it to the appropriate category? I'm asking because I am wondering if I made a mistake by entering my film into the experimental, since, some have suggested to me that I should have entered it into the narrative category.

Stephen Niebauer Staff

we can discuss this with you if we feel it could be moved. no worries, it will not be disqualified.

Kevin de Wilde Plus

I'm putting the final touches on my submission. My one question is that will submitted videos have to be private until the Festival itself is over or can we still keep it public on Vimeo/share with friends/embed in our blog, etc etc?


Hi! I am in the process of submitting my video. After making the payment I get stuck on the "submit" point. Although the video was uploaded and appeared on my vimeo account, I didn't get any confirmation and it seems that no video was submitted for the contest. Could you help me? I want to make sure that after paying It is there. Thanks.

Twelve22 Plus

I missed this. You need to improve your contact with members. I have PLUS and don't recall an email about it. Kind of irked that I've put out over $50 since signing up and didn't get notified of the contest.

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