We love watching videos. Tons of them. And on Vimeo, quality videos to binge on are in no short supply. But it’s important to remember that what we see here is only the tip of the production iceberg, and oh-so-much goes into making videos that we often don’t get a chance to see. That’s where behind-the-scenes videos come in!

As a kid, nothing sparked more joy in my tiny soul than watching bonus features and director’s commentary of my favorite movies. When you watch a seemingly flawless final film, it’s hard to imagine the blood, sweat, and creativity (“There’s no crying in baseball!”) that went into creating it. From development to the editing room and everything in between, behind-the-scenes videos allow your audience to peep a glimpse at the beautiful chaos that is filmmaking.

More for audiences
You may be thinking, “I work behind the camera for a reason, crazy lady.” But there’s incredible value in showcasing your hard work. From an audience perspective, you’re offering an inside look into your creative process. It will allow them to appreciate the extensive planning and execution whirlwind that led up to the finished product. This will also give them fun inside tidbits that they wouldn’t know by just watching the final edit. Most people wouldn’t know that Staff Pick fave “DARKLIGHT” had some pretty venomous setbacks while shooting. Seriously, production was halted when one of the bikers was straight up bitten by a rattlesnake and airlifted from location. Talk about crazy production hisss-tory (not my best).

Attract business opportunities
Not only will your audience get a chance to see you in all your creative glory, but behind-the-scenes videos are also valuable professional opportunities: these projects let you show off your skills with a variety of film equipment and editing software, allowing potential clients and partners to see you in action. Hello, video resume!

Take NY-based filmmaker Michael Lukk Litwak, for example. When Michael was a student, he used the buzz from his award-winning thesis film “The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger” as a platform to lead viewers to his website. On his page, he showcased his technical chops with this behind-the-scenes gem, which opened the door for prospective business clients who could get a clear sense as to Michael’s talent, vision, and working style.

Tips for making two films in one
If a behind-the-scenes video seems daunting and you’re intimidated at the thought of having to add even more onto your production plate, never fear! There are plenty of easy tips and tricks to capture behind-the-scenes footage while you’re in your element and workin’ your tail off. Consider setting up a spare camera or GoPro to run simultaneously while you’re on set so you can simply walk away and forget it. Or, say you have a production assistant or student on set: this is a great opportunity to offer to anyone who’s eager for experience behind the camera. So put them to work!

Don’t have the time or resources to interview key players on set? Don’t sweat it. Compelling behind-the-scenes footage doesn’t have to include interviews or voiceovers! A quick-paced edit of your planning, setup, and execution will work just as well. Show off your equipment, your crew, and your set. Think of it like B-roll: the little things contribute a ton to a great behind-the-scenes video.

Whether you’re doing it for your viewers, potential clients, or even for the heck of documenting your every move, consider making a behind-the-scenes video for your next project! And if you’re currently filming something, there’s something you can do right away: take a behind-the-scenes pic, use the tag #behindthevid on Instagram, and we may feature your stuff on our channels to spread your awesomeness far and wide.