The Vimeo team has been hard at work producing a new web series, Working Lunch, where we sit down with experts in business, marketing, and tech to pick their brains in the time it takes to enjoy your midday meal. Our bite-sized episodes focus on bringing you up to speed with the headlines, trends, and sound advice you need to know about embracing video in the workplace.

A new season is upon us, both literally (fall just started here in NYC) and figuratively, with new episodes of Working Lunch launching today. Want to tune in? We’ll be streaming to the Vimeo Enterprise LinkedIn page every week.

This fall, we’re learning from our friends at Deloitte Global, Convene, Ampersand, and even a fellow Vimean — all in our brand new studio. Here’s what’s on tap:

  • October 2: The Importance of The Human Element in Tech
    Michael Judeh, Regional Director of Technology, Convene
  • October 9: How to Engage Your Employees with Live Video
    Seth Weingarten, VP Network Operations, Ampersand (formerly NCC Media)
  • October 16: Trends in Experiential Marketing
    Andrew Edell, Director of Experiential Marketing, Convene
  • October 23: How Video Can Support Global and Remote Teams
    Michael Weinstein and Dave Haug, Deloitte Global
  • October 30: What Enterprises Needs for Video Solutions in 2019
    Adam Pastana, Senior Sales Engineer, Vimeo

We’ll be recapping each episode as they’re launched, so stay tuned for handy tips, trends, and takeaways very soon.