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Player Updates: AirPlay Support, Timecode Hints, and Embeddable HTML5

Brad Dougherty
March 9, 2011 by Brad Dougherty Alum
Hi fellow Vimeans, I have some updates to our player to talk about! First off, we have a new feature in our HTML5 player thanks to our friends at Apple: **you can now watch Vimeo videos on your AppleTV!** Just play any video on your iPad or iPhone running iOS 4.3 and tap on the AirPlay button to send the video to your AppleTV. Secondly, we've made a small improvement to our Flash player by adding a timecode hint when you mouse over the play bar. Now you should be able to jump to exact times in the video with more accuracy. We'll be adding it to the HTML5 player shortly. Speaking of the HTML5 player, which we released about a year ago, **it's now officially out of beta!** Back then, there were a couple of really big limitations -- no fullscreen and it was only available on Fortunately, both of those problems are now a thing of the past! Since then, Safari has added true fullscreen support in version 5 (although sadly it has not been added to Chrome yet), and we released our Universal Player. We learned a lot from the initial beta period, and we used that knowledge to completely rebuild our HTML5 player from the ground up to be faster, leaner, more compatible, and more reliable. It also means that if you opt-in to using the HTML player (under the player on any video page), it will now show up in embeds in your desktop browser too! For now the HTML5 player is still limited to Safari and Chrome only. We are working on bringing it to IE9 and Firefox 4, but unfortunately both browsers present significant challenges at the moment. For example, IE9's HTML5 support is not yet up to snuff compared to other browsers, and Firefox video support is WebM only. We hope to support WebM in the future, but are still waiting for a number of things to improve before we can adopt it fully. PS- For all our fellow nerds out there, here are some extra details about our HTML5 player: - All versions of our HTML5 player (desktop, touch, mobile) now clock in at 28KB or less! (CSS and JS combined) - We're now trying to use feature detection as much as we can, rather than user agent detection, which means the player will automatically work where it can as browsers evolve. - We have a much more dynamic layout, meaning your videos look great no matter the size of the embed. Until we meet again, - Brad



I love it too. Cool update.


More like


Brog posts.



Great news !!!

Ian S

Umm.... how can you do that? There is no vimeo app, or is there? I don't see one.

Nathan Andrukonis

Hmm. Cool, but I find the timecode hints pretty obnoxious. Anyone agree with me?

Josh Clarke

Nice, but if you have a jailbroken Apple TV with XBMC installed, there is a Vimeo plugin for it.

Shahzeb K

Nice, but really O.o who has an apple TV?



Richard Cranefield

Me. But its a big version 1 so I'm pretty certain there's still no Vimeo for me. :(

Jared Cherup

When you click on an HTML5 video from the desktop version of the website on the iphone, it works. But it does not work from the mobile version of

Julius Honnor Plus

Same here. I've updated both iPhone and Apple TV and videos work from the full site but it's audio-only from the mobile site...

Michael Koerbel PRO

do I need to add any special tag in the iframe embed code to enable AirPlay when embedded on a website other than


I'm getting video sound to my appletv2 but no video. Any advice?

Joseph Schmitt Staff

Have you updated both your iPhone/iPod Touch to iOS 4.3 and your AppleTV to the latest software update that came out today?


Thanks for the response. Yes, the AppleTV was updated today. Still just sound. I also don't know how to access my videos from the mobile site. Just getting the home page videos.

Brad Dougherty Staff

Hmm, we'll look into enabling that, but for now you can go to the full version of the page and it will work form there. It also works in embeds as well.

Star Mountain Media PRO

Thanks for adding more accessibility to an already awesome sharing site.

Are there any plans to incorporate playlists? I'd *LOVE* to create a playlist of Vimeo clips and then let them go .. y'know, so I can eat dinner without having to fondle my mouse.

john onate Plus

I upgraded to iOS 4.3 but AirPlay still only streams audio from my iPhone to my apple tv


Powersave still dims my screen when running html5 video full screen. :(

Brad Dougherty Staff

That might be fixed in Safari 5.0.4. I haven't had a chance to test it, but there was a line in the release notes that says they fixed something related to this!


Cool. :)

Flo Hoelzl

What about a Vimeo app for iPhone?


that's was up BRAD, good stuff as always Vimeo!!


Absolutely astonishing, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, grand, impressive, magnificent, majestic, mind-blowing, striking, stunning, stupefying, wondrously awesome!! Thanks Vimeo!

Alan Hughes

I don't own any kind of smart phone so it doesn't really matter to me, but I always hear people complain that Vimeo videos don't work for them on their phones, but YouTube does. I heard something a long time ago that Apple and YouTube had some business deal or something and that was why they played on iphones, but I thought that was past and that Vimeo's html5 fixed that.

PS: I use Firefox and the html5 embed has always worked for me since you first came out with it.

Daniel Weaver

So this is actually awesome!
Been waiting for this for a while, get fullscreen support from an embed and I'm a happy man.

Some customisation options for the player would be great too. Like being able to select any colour, and turn off things avatar, username, and relevant videos

Paul Kiff

Excellent News!

Does anyone know whether you'll be able to stream vimeo via airplay from a laptop to an apple TV? Or does it have to be an iOS device?

Brad Dougherty Staff

As far as we can tell, it's just for iOS devices at this time. That would be cool if Apple added that though!

CrossCity Christian Church PRO

I read somewhere there was an app that you could install an app that would open up more options for AirPlay by broadcasting your Mac as an AirPlay device.

Try searching on Google, YMMV.

Rob Coenen

Timecode hints.. excellent! Frame accurate or close-to frame accurate?

Arthur Martin

+1 for timecode precision in the player
Some video professionals are asking for it

Jason Meulenhoff

I really like Vimeo!, not a single regret from +
thanks a bunch !

Blair Dog Plus

The AirPlay works! I've been waiting for a while fir this. The only question I have is when will hd AirPlay be available?

123 Magic PRO

Very cool! Any chance of SSL support for videos soon?

Drew Baker

Hey Brad, I am a JavaScript programmer and very curious how you got the player on the iPhone to play the videos in fullscreen like they do. Is it a trade secret, or can you tell me how you guys did that?

ASU Biodesign Institute

Very nice! I too am waiting for SSL for the HTML5 embeds. Have an internal tool that requires SSL and internet explorer blocks any content embeded via http://

The Button Smash

I'm trying to find the option to embed the html 5 player... will it just do it automatically? It seems like it depends if I've clicked "Switch to HTML 5 player" on any vimeo page. Will people watching my embedded videos have to do the same (in a capable browser) in order to get the HTML 5 player?


I've been using the beta and it's good.

Q. Should the HTML5 player cache downloaded videos so if you link off a page and then go back the file is not required to download again, it has it locally cached? I used to think this was the case but now I don't.

I use the safari extension YouTube5, it would be great if you could allow be VImeo support in that extension I have to have it turned off for Vimeo because it always fails.

Matthew Hart

I feel very done in by limiting Mobile Versions of videos exclusively to Pro accounts.

You are driving members like myself away from Vimeo because of this. It doesn't help providing an HTML5 player that doesn't play a video because you want us to pay for a feature that other video hosting sites offer for free.

Mick Lauer

That's huge!!!! Awesome news!!!

David Franzo

The only reason I am not using the HTML5 video player is because the fullscreen does not work the same as with flash. I am using Safari on Mac and the HTML5 version does not include scaling options. I don't like to watch things in their non-native resolution, and that's what I love about being able to turn scaling off in the flash version.

Ralf Hannes

doesn't work for me :/ Safari 5.0.4 on Windows7

AgimFriends Zeka



Good: Vimeo AirPlay to AppleTV works from my iPad!
NOT Good: From a 3GS iPhone I get sound only, no video! Same with iPod Touch G3 & G4. All are running iOS4.3. TBD results for iPhone4.
Frustrating: At some point a month or two ago, Vimeo AirPlay was working from all my devices. I'm not sure if it broke with the latest AppleTV update or something else.

mindbomb films Plus

Hello wonderful vimeo staff,

if I embed my videos on my wordpress site will they play on my iPhone?
Right now I only see a link.



angus johnson

i love the air play support. but if you don't have an ipad....the video stream isnt hd, its the native res on the ipod/ there a way to send a HD stream, insted of the native iphone/ipod res?

i dont want phone res on my tv! i want HD!



It's gooooodd!!!

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