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We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast

Vimeo Staff
December 13, 2018 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Vimeo is full of live streamers who broadcast on the regular: enterprising yoga studios, local concert venues, and weekly internal comms meetings.

And when you’re busy living in the moment, keeping your live broadcasts streamlined can be difficult. That’s why we’re stoked to provide a new capability that our frequent live streamers have been asking for.

Now you can live stream to the same viewing destination as many times as you like, all under one event name. No more resharing the page, replacing the embed code, or resetting the stream key.

That means your future broadcasts will automatically appear everywhere they normally stream — embedded on the web, shared across social, or on your Vimeo page itself.

This way, your viewers know exactly where to find you every time you’re live. They can even browse your previous broadcasts and see when the next one is scheduled right inside the player.

You’ll also notice we’ve consolidated all your live events in one tab on the left-side nav, making it easier than ever to find and manage your live broadcasts.

If you’re a Premium user, go here to schedule your next live event. Otherwise, head here to see everything you can do with unlimited live streaming on Vimeo.


Allegany Media Premium

We are lacking a few features that are on some of the basic multi-stream platforms. I have shared this multiple times with the team, we need the ability to stage the video in preview before pushing the stream live. I know this is "enterprise" in your eyes but for any professional level stream (even for the small one) we need to verify all is well minutes before the show for last minute troubleshooting. This is literally the only item that will have me re-up my subscription. Since I upgraded I have yet to run a live show through the platform for client work because of this. Why not make it another toggle switch like when we have social media. It would also be neat to share a video with another Vimeo account (quick upload like what we do to YouTube) after the video was live. We have multiple accounts for clients and would love to drop the video over to them quickly. Anyway, thanks for listening to my concerns, hopefully, we can get some action on this soon.

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