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See only what you want to see

Paul Simoneschi
December 17, 2013 by Paul Simoneschi Alum

All humans should be able to enjoy Vimeo: the youthful, the professional, and the queasy. That’s why we’ve made it easier for people to filter out videos that contain stuff they might not want to see — like mature content. A while back we introduced Content Ratings, and now, lo and behold, we present our content filter preferences. Viewers who want to see it all still can — but those who’d rather ignore the gore, neglect the nude, and evade the illicit may do so, also.

Take control of what hits your eyeballs by adjusting your content filter preferences accordingly. Go to the Advanced tab of your settings page to filter out any content that you’d rather avoid on Vimeo.

Your default preference is "Show me everything," so if you are happy with what you see currently, you don't have to change a thing.

Videos with the rating you’ve filtered will no longer show up in your search results, and if you follow Channels or Groups that have videos with the forbidden rating, we’ll show you a warning so you can choose how to proceed, the same with videos that appear in your feed.

It’s your life, so fill it with things you like looking at! Here’s to continuing to make Vimeo friendly and accessible to all audiences, including seekers of super awesome and sometimes intense creative work.


Nas Alhusain Plus

Finally! I have always worried to search for a video while someone sits beside me cuz it shows nudity contents sometimes lol glad you guys sorted it out

Bart van der Gaag Plus

I don't see the "Show me only sex and violence" button. Is that coming later? ;) Good job Vimeans.

James Thomson

Well done staff at Vimeo. I in fact like to be my own censor.

Billy Batson

Agreed, this is a more welcome version to what YouTube offers in terms of "choice".

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