Since the beginning of our unicorn-ruled universe, we’ve done our best to give video creators as much control over their videos as possible — especially when it comes to privacy. In addition to public and private settings, we’ve provided creators with advanced options like setting a password, only giving specific people access to their video, and hiding their video from while still being able to embed it on other sites. Today, we’ve added yet another option, one specifically requested by our community: the ability to share a video through a private link.

How it works:

  1. if you are a Plus user or have a higher-tier paid subscription (such as Pro, Business, or Premium), go to your video settings and select “Only people with the private link.” Or, select this option when you’re uploading.
  2. Once you save your changes, you’ll be given a private URL to copy and send to people you choose.
  3. Only people with this link (and people those people share it with) will be able to see your video page. It will be hidden from other groups, channels, search results, and other places on, and people won’t be able to find it through third-party search engines either.

Magical though this new option may be, it’s important to remember that anyone with the link to your video may see it, or pass that link on to other people. If you want to ensure that only certain people have access, you may want to keep it private, or set a password.

Private link sharing, like our other advanced privacy settings, is only available to Plus users and above (i.e. Pro, Business, or Premium). But as always, Basic members can still opt to give specific people access to their videos, add a password to protect them, or upgrade to use all of our powerful advanced privacy options.

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