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Shoot the Supermoon this Saturday

Chris Diken
May 4, 2012 by Chris Diken Alum

Attention Earthlings,

While celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow night, we encourage you to wander outside (with beverage in hand, if that's how you prefer to wander) and train your camera on the night sky. On Saturday, May 5th, the moon will be closer to Earth than at any other time this year, which means it will appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than any other full moon of 2012. That's right, dudes and ladies — it's the supermoon! It happens but once per annum, it's bound to be beautiful, and we're pretty sure it won't turn you into a werewolf. Therefore, we want you to shoot the supermoon and share your videos with us!

Here's some moonspiration:

Upload your moon portraits to Vimeo and tag them with "Supermoon2012." Come Monday morning, we'll gather the most luminous lenswork to feature on the Vimeo Blog and Twitter. And if you need some tips, be sure to check out this handy guide for figuring out lunar exposure.

Happy supermoon shooting!


Michael Senzon

Well that's cool! I'll keep an eye out for anything really awesome. Maybe someone will do something amazing that we can put on the CNN homepage. I'll keep an eye out!

Ryan Greene

Always wanted to get a time lapse of the moon, surely I can't go wrong with a supermoon?

Martyn Randles

i've been shooting the moon for nearly 20 years now, fingers crossed for a clear night :)


@vision Nomade - hopefully we'll see it in Mexico might be tricky.

ARTRIX Studios

FYI - "Wesak" this year is Saturday, 5.5.12 at 8:35 pm PDT.

~ this is also called a Buddha Moon event ~


The weather in Blightly has been appalling of late but with a bit of look I may be able to shoot it.


sydney moon was great! now there's clouds unfortunately! Start to edit the video soon

Gina Kelly PRO

was already planning on it, but now its a moon party!

Mat Heywood Plus

TOP tips needed for shooting the moon on a 5D mk II. I will be shooting from the middle east - in urban areas.



clouds here in melb booo. i'm pretty sure i've seen the moon bigger than that though. maybe its a melbourne thing...booo again.


Sadly, I believe it's 14% bigger not 14 times... although I kindof wish it was 14 times bigger:

Joel Godin

So what day is it 14 times bigger? I'll shoot on that day.


This may end up being the greatest stock footage i can capture i mean come on.... every film can use a moon

carlos barreto

Just posted a video of the Super Moon check it out at Colona Christmas House here on youtube or on facebook at Colona Christmas House


New Yorks shit weather is blocking out the moon.

Turned Productions

Just got done lapsing. Epic shots from the west coast. Will post soon!!

Michael McGagh

Did a time lapse of. SM last night from the West of Ireland, Some cloud but also some clear skies.
Will upload shortly

Omar Sattaur

It was so cloudy last night :(

However, undeterred, I pulled out my video camera and shot the sky in the general direction of where I supposed the Moon would be, ready and awaiting for the clouds to change their beautiful formations so I could get the slither of a glimpse of that glorious Super Moon which would no doubt fill me with that enormous sense of oneness with Mother Nature and the Universe (albeit with a video camera in between us) and leaving me with feelings of warmth, love and adornment for the world around us which I would never forget and forever remember via my Vimeo account :)

Suffice to say, an hour later it was still cloudy.

Luis Broskow

I'm agree with Omar. In my city too was so cloudy last night. However I made the time lapse from a hill upon my city. Thanks Vimeo for the great idea, as always. Enjoy

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