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Show us your friends!

Jake Lodwick
November 5, 2007 by Jake Lodwick Alum

We made a new feature for your profile: Friend Boxes. Take a look at my profile to see it in action, then look at your own profile to customize it. By default, it shows your newest contacts, but you can customize it to show whoever you want, and you can write a description of each person. I think this will make it more fun to look at someone's profile. In the past, profiles were sort of a dead end.

Post a link to your profile in the comments after you've played around with it.


Robin Mientjes

Awesome! It does indeed make profiles more interesting and more useful.

It changes the whole concept of the page, actually. Now it is also a personal portal to people that you like.

Kevin David Crowe

Great addition! Very clean and to-the-point. I especially enjoy that you can read user's description, or one that has been created in third person.

Eugenia Loli Plus

Argh!!!! Help!!!

So, I clicked "custom" and I moved around some of my contacts. Then, I wanted to re-arrange them, and so I clicked the little "x" button to remove them from the list on the left. But, on Firefox clicking the "x" button nothing was happening on screen! It gave me no visual feedback as to what AJAX was doing. So I kept clicking it for all my contacts.

Now I actually RELOADED my profile page, and I have no contacts box anymore!!! How the heck do I get it back on my profile page?!? Help!

Eugenia Loli Plus

ok, re-reloading it back it gave me the "newest contacts" again, thank God! But originally, after my changes, there was no box there.

Not sure if this is just a cache issue or not, but when reloading my profile page half the times I have a contacts box and half the times I don't.

Aiden Pyne

i did it. clicked finish.
the descriptions weren't showing up.
so i refreshed my page and it showed the default 'newest contacts'
using Firefox

Ben Millett

Pretty cool. If only we could drag/drop to rearrange the people. But otherwise a cool new thing you've got here.


I like this feature a lot.....going to get some good use out of it

SteveR Plus

I can't do anything at all with this feature on my MacBook.

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