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Sony Fs5, Fs7, and G Master lenses gear reviews

Andrea Allen
May 3, 2016 by Andrea Allen PRO

What gear we review: Sony Fs5, Fs7, and G Master lenses

Who it’s perfect for: Independent film crews, those shooting interviews and docs — and small to mid-size film crews such as ours. Fs5 and Fs7 are great for your first to foray into higher end cameras.

The Vimeo take: Fs5 and Fs7 cameras shoot 4K internally, have super 35 sensors, and come with a host of other cool features, like built-in variable ND filters and ergonomic grips. The difference between the 5 and the 7 mainly lies in the codec it records and the size of the body. The Fs5 shoots 4K 8-bit internally, whereas the 7 shoots 10-bit 422. One thing the 5 has over the 7 — besides price point — is that it shoots 240 fps while the 7 tops out at 180 fps.

P.S. our team shoots with the Fs7, and we dig it!

G Master lenses were made with the future in mind: they make it easy to shoot 4K and whatever comes next. The 24-70mm F2.8 lens is the first Sony zoom lens made for the full-frame E mount, so it’s now able to handle low-light situations as well as the cameras do. We really like the dynamic between Canon glass on our Sony cameras, but we’d be excited to give this lens a whirl too.

Next up: Canon’s all-new zoom lens, niche cameras, and more.

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PiD Media

Anybody know if that audio adapter for the A7 series will be more robust then the ones for the DV & DVC cameras was?

Does the FS-5 shoot ProRes?

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