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Staff Favorites: June 2013

Jordan McGarry
July 10, 2013 by Jordan McGarry Alum

Hello Vimeo!

Can you believe you’re reading the blog post about our favorite videos from June already? This year is shooting past like a wet bar of soap.

It’s no wonder 2013 is passing so quickly, as everyone's been very busy, you know, making stuff. Summer in the northern hemisphere is in full swing and, while you’d be forgiven for thinking we're all off filling our faces with strawberries and surfboards, we've actually been agog in wonder, as the site has been as riddled with brilliant videos as ever. We can only assume that you’ve been ignoring the excellent weather to stay inside to shoot and upload more videos, and if so, good for you.

For all the sunshine, there was definitely something scholarly going on last month. With Kogonada’s excellent essay on neorealism, insight into Richard Mosse’s stunning Enclave project from Frieze, and Giovanni Braggio’s brilliant animation tutorial, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenesy brain food on the list. We also must point to Jamie Benning’s outstanding "filmumentary" on the making of Jaws, which didn’t make this list because it’s an epic two and a half hours long, but was definitely a very noteworthy Staff Pick.

We also loved the rather alternative ABC from Laura Sicouri and Kadavre Exquis, thoughts on life from Jim Whitaker via Eric Becker, and thoughts on death from the lovely Eoin Duffy. If that all feels a bit heavy, there’s also a pig/chicken romcom, some stellar music videos, a spot of sightseeing, and Victor Carrey’s extraordinarily amusing multi-award-winner, La Huida.

So let’s get down to it. Check it out in glorious full screen and let us know what you love!

See you next month!


Jordan, Sam, Jason, and Ian.


Howard Berry Plus

Really love Jamie's filmumentary on Jaws.
Film and behind-the-scenes fans may like this film I've produced about the making of The Shining. The BFI says it's "like being on set with Kubrick!"

Nicola De Nardi

Great stuff! Hey who has ever been to the creative hub of London...Shoreditch!
You can see some summertime Shoreditch here in a short I made

Vaporizer Reviewer Kody

"If you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space." haha what a quote man! These shots of Everest are amazing. Love it. A Life Well Lived - truly.

Damian Martorana

How do you check ALL the Vimeo Videos that members upload? With some of your picks I ask myself the question, "Why this?" "What determines a good video for the Vimeo Staff?" I believe I have asked this question several times in the past, but it seems as if none of the Staff Members can reply . . .

Jordan McGarry Staff

It's not possible for us to watch every video that gets uploaded to the site each month, though we do our best. There are four of us on the curation team and we spend a crazy amount of time each week watching all the videos we can. We also get recommendations from our colleagues in other departments, we follow LOTS of channels and groups and of course have our own feeds, email, the discover tab, etc. And we talk to people too! As far as what makes a good video, of course, Staff Picks is based on our combined personal taste so it's somewhat subjective, but with four of us on the team our taste varies and we try to feature a broad variety of work so there will be something for everyone. Thanks for watching, I hope this helps!

Aćim Vasić

Wow! Just 4 people?! I always imagined Vimeo Staff Picks office had 20-30 reviewers at least. Well then my hat down because it really is hard to follow up all the uploads. And of course I can understand that you guys can't watch everything that's uploaded. Also, I understand the subjectivity. It's unavoidable. I also understand Martorana Productions, as sometimes it's indeed - why? but then many times it's also WOW, so I guess in the end it's balanced. Thanks for revealing the secret!
I hope this won't come across like spamming, but I'd REALLY like to share with you my 2times award winning short, that was on over on another link where it was uploaded by Partizan, /43812420 it already got over 40K views, but strangely was never staff picked. Maybe it wasn't enough times posted on the Staff Picks page, who knows.

Take care and all the best!

PS And if you want a 1minute smile, check the Mozart with Phantom camera:

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey Mario,

On Vimeo we tend not to allow posting of just URLs. If you want to share your video with the community, describe it a bit and let users know why you're interacting with them. Comments with just URLs are pretty unfriendly and can put off other members.

Sergio Herencias Plus

Hi there, please watch my new Art & Fashion Film "Muñeca"

A grim tale of hidden undercurrents: desires, fears, manipulation, and animal instincts vie with each other in a maelstrom of passions and pitfalls. The narrative is based on the fear and bewilderment of the main character’s nightmare, interacting with her deep-rooted fear of her own, subconscious lusts. A pretty young woman, driven by the sadism of an egomaniac and her own, apparently unwilling oppression, mutates into a human marionette, «muñeca».

Thank you


Frequent lurker, never thought to comment here before, but here goes.

I made a short pet video a few months ago and was quite pleased with how it turned out -- a tribute to my dog who lived to be 15, despite some health issues that put her in a little wheelchair in her final year. I didn't want to focus on her disability, tried to make it more of a celebration:

For Bella (run time: 4 mins)

Christophe ׀ Over The Moon PRO

Hi the Vimeo Team !!!

I just want to say you do a mervalous work here, you inspire me a lot and i follow your selection almost every day. And thank you to be funny, work with passion and share us the good vibes !!
I hope some day you will have time to watch my work :

i think you'll like it, it try to do the sae work as yours ! :)

See you


My name is Alex. I'm from a remote Siberian town. I want you to displaying their form to the Regional Clinical Hospital of Novosibirsk. Video created to attract young professionals to work in the hospital.

Sincerely, Alex

Thom Ekers

6th BFI Future Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection
Puppets on Film Festival 2013 - Shortlisted

A group of kids are held captive in a mysterious factory at the edge of the world. Forced to work in coal mines by emotional robots, they hatch a plan to escape in what is known as, The West Factory Rebellion!


LiarsandMadmen Plus

I had to post when I saw "definitely something scholarly" last month. I'm Directing the new Ethnografilm Festival (next April in Paris) and I'd love to see any submissions from those who are reading this blog--you all are the ideal, for me! Ethnografilm specifically brings together academic and documentary filmmakers.

Daniel Abrams

"Musical Portraits from Wagner's RING" 2 of the 15 portraits in this work, "Brunnhilde & Siegfried" can be heard on YouTube & Vimeo -- and the complete work on Amazon, iTunes, etc.
From composer pianist DANIEL ABRAMS "Opera For Piano" series, this is an original & amazing musical accomplishment. Discover it & share it. Thanks, Sonia Sudak
More about this highly acclaimed artist:

Meghan Oretsky PRO

I look forward to these lists every month. Keep 'em comin', Vimeo dudes!

Shant Varolian

Hello Vimeo Staff Picks and Vimeo users. Here is a link to my short film "Tango". It is a study of a relationship between a man and a woman.
I encourage you all to watch it and let me know what you think. The performances will make it worth your while.
Thank you!

Will Eades

Hello Fab Vimeo Four!!

I made this movie so that we could capture the memories of our first home together.

The reason for moving out is so that we can save money to travel around the world. Something we are both so looking forward to and know its going to be an amazing adventure. Please will you take a look at this and let me know what you think. Thankyou

Gregory Abbey Plus

Please consider my web short PEEING ON PHILIP GLASS. I submitted last week for "Short of the Week". Hasn't been posted anywhere else. I know you're inundated with requests so thanks for your time!
Password: malkmalk1

Little Rebels TV

I'm going to throw this up here for Drifting Fans who want to see what happens behind the scenes at drift events. Its the start of a series we are producing. Would like to see what you guys all think :) Thanks :)

Cold Country Collective

A music video shot in a colony of performers and street artists in New Delhi. 'Kathputli Colony' is home to hundreds of magicians, acrobats, jugglers, musicians, puppeteers among others. The colony itself may soon cease to exist. This video captures the energy, visual delight and the lives of those who inhabit 'Kathputli'.

matt skwid PRO

hey vimeo staff. you should take a peek at this analogue music video shot on 35mm

hope you enjoy the unique editing of thousands of hand cropped images

Letter A Films

"My heart is in my hand, and my hand is pierced, and my hand is in the bag, and the bag is shut, and my heart is caught." -Jean Genet

This short film is parallel to some of the obstacles and difficulties that I and my friends have encountered this past year. We'd be honored if you opened your hearts to it.

Zara Banan

You get the best body scrubs


Hey team, Nice links. Thanks for sharing.
I'd like to start connecting on Vimeo, as I've got a few exciting productions of my own, and this is a good set of links to start with! Cheers

Sam Jack Gilmore Plus

I made this in 3 months for a music video competition that never went ahead. It features 16bit gameboy style with sweet POV moments as well. If youve got 3 mins, check it out :)

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Following the recent devastation in OKC from the tornadoes and flooding, we made a short doc to share some of our experiences in the relief and recovery process. Please help us share this stories, so people don't forget the road ahead of us.

Ben Woodiwiss PRO

Spring cleaned channel for my Independent Film company, Look/Think Films. So far we've made four short films, and one feature, and are doing quietly nicely, winning awards and getting great reviews, doing things our own way too:
Look/Think Films

Michael Sykora

Hey Vimeo!

We just premiered our old-school monster movie labour of love using your wonderful website, and it would be great if you could check it out!

'Melissa!' is like a (dark) fairy tale... it sticks with you after you watch it... I promise!

Mellmedia Productions

Hey guys, I'm currently trying to get my newest short film "Connie Bags Her Man!" out there so please have a look/ share/ Like/ Subscribe (or any other Internet word). It would be much appreciated and its only two minutes long (so it shouldn't kill you). I always say thank you and subscribe back.

Alex Theodin

Great choices! I really enjoy watching the entries each month, always a good way discovering cool videos. Just for info, how does a video become eligible for being picked in a month? Do you have a thread or channel where we can post our own videos or suggestions?
Thank you and keep up the good work

Jeff Sullivan

Here's a candidate for August, the Perseid meteor shower time-lapse also showing green "air glow", set to the InFiction String Remix of David Bowie's "Let's Dance" (as featured in the recent Kia Cadenza commercial):

Yousef Kekhia
You trip the vision you want, the music that you think, you pause, then you go back to trip again!
this is my first video here, i hope you support, i need feedback.

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