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Staff Favorites: October 2013

Jason Sondhi
November 5, 2013 by Jason Sondhi Alum

Today, as on all first Tuesdays in November in the U.S. of A., multiple elections are going down. These elections are not for Congress, nor for President, but for a lot of local positions such as “Mayor.” You know, the kind of elections people never pay attention to. (Yeah right!!!)

As you’re reading this bureaucratic blog post, millions are heading to the polls to snag those fun "I voted!" stickers. But what all these prospective voters don't know is that this month’s most important decisions have already been made — and behind closed doors, no less.

Our shadowy cabal of curators — Jordan, Sam, Ian, and I — locked ourselves in a room to pursue a grand bargain: 70 minutes of first-rate entertainment that strikes a fair and balanced compromise between immersive stories and eye-popping visuals. In its totality, this compilation of videos represents the best of our Vimeo Staff Picks for the month of October.

There was a lot of horse-trading, significant arm-wrestling, and I can't confidently rule out voter fraud. After hours of intense negotiations, we emerged, chastened yet proud, with a collection of videos that could revolutionize the entire Internet-industrial complex.

Remember, the only thing to fear in your media diet is fear itself. And a loss of Wi-Fi signal. The Curation team and Vimeo community are tearing down the walls that separate brilliant videos from the masses, who yearn to watch for free. So go ahead and have a dream, because when it comes to transforming the nature of online viewing… Vimeans! Yes We Can (Press The Play Button).


Rob Munday

Any playlist that features RECORD/PLAY, The Decelerators and that Savages video is all good with me


When I grow up, I want my films to be vimeo-staff picks.

Long way to go....

Chris Diken Staff

Hey Gorst! Sorry you haven't gotten a yes/no.

The new Vimeo PRO enables you to store up to 20GB at once. If you want to store more than 20GB at a time, please contact to discuss your options for going above and beyond!

Duong Thai Anh

Awesome picks right there.

I'm working hard for one day my work will appear in the list!!

Reylia Slaby

I'm not sure if I can comment this here, but my friend made an awesome video! Is there a place where people can suggest staff picks?

Matt Schwarz Staff

Please use the shout box, Tomas. The Staff Blog is not the place for posting videos to be considered.

Dave Mackay

"Remember, the only thing to fear in your media diet is fear itself. And a loss of Wi-Fi signal". Not even watched a video yet and already this blog post was worth it, just for that line.

John Anderton

Don't think anything is strange about that guy spamming news conferences. Its quirky but by no means strange. He seems like a cool dude.

Bapi Bit

Jason, Jordan, Sam and Ian. Brilliant compilation friends. Thanks for doing such a great job by picking such inspirational and eye opening pieces of work. Really moved. Cheers and keep up the great work.

BabbittdaWabbitt Plus

Oh my god, I'm only through the first four and I'm blown away. Such talent and creativity.

Telecoms Supermarket

Nice Video.

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