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Staff Favorites: September 2013

Ian Durkin
October 8, 2013 by Ian Durkin Staff

Has anyone else seen Gravity? Basically, space is huge and unfathomable and everything we do on Earth is potentially meaningless. Thus, every month calls for reason to celebrate! While many sorry saps were lamenting their half-completed summer bucket lists come September, we at Vimeo were hooting and hollering.

We greeted that Autumnal Equinox with open arms under a banner that read, “Good Riddance!” In unison we cheered, “Those pesky fun-in-the-sun distractions are finally over!” and smashed open a piñata the size of a small meteor. And you know what came out of that piñata? One million videos! As we scrambled to watch them all, our squandered vacation days grew long forgotten. We were back in our element — watching awesome videos and building a radical website for them to live on.

Throughout September, we featured a number of stellar videos on the Staff Picks Channel. Maybe you’ve already perused a few.

As we round the bend into October, we thought it would be extra-celebratory of us to take one final look back at all the amazing work people uploaded. Sam, Jason, Jordan, and I picked out 13 of our very favorites and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!


Jennifer Orvis

I just found you Vimeo-ites. and I love you. all.

Bart van der Gaag Plus

I knew you guys do a lot of crazy whack stuff at Vimeo, but hooting and hollering. Never took yas for a bunch of good ol' boys on hooch. Any who, love the pickins, and we thank thee kindly.

Javi bogado

Great compilation guys!!! Thanks..


Wow... This is just incredible... Thank you for these amazing videos. Just thank you.

Andrés Cepeda

C2C takes the cake in my opinion, their video is art.

Anna Liani

Wonderful Staff Favorites!!

check out Heroes
"Beautiful, courages kids to stand upon the storm. They are of the SKY! "comment from Cinéaste - Filmmaker - Santiago Ruiztorres

Reylia Slaby

Check out my friends work! He does amazing stuff!!! Guys, you gotta create a way to send suggestions for staff picks ;p

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