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Staff Picks Cinema NYC: The Recap

Sam Morrill
June 10, 2013 by Sam Morrill Staff

Yo Vimeo!

As Senior Curator at Vimeo, I have the distinct pleasure of watching lots of videos. Seriously though: Lots of videos. I watch the vast majority of these videos on my laptop here at Vimeo HQ. With a nice pair of headphones on and a strong cup of coffee within reach, this makes for a pretty good viewing experience. However, nothing compares to seeing videos projected on the big screen.

So, last Wednesday, about 200 members of the Vimeo community and most of the Vimeo Staff were treated to the silver-screen Vimeo experience during our first-ever Staff Picks Cinema event, held at the SVA Theatre here in NYC. The heart of the evening was a 75-minute screening of some of our favorite Staff Picks from the past few months, projected in full HD glory on a massive movie screen. The viewing was followed by a 30-minute discussion and Q&A featuring Keith Ehrlich (director of "The Bike Maker"), Aaron David DeFazio (director of "Top Floor"), Daniella Kahane (writer/producer of "Top Floor"), Mike Rauch (co-director of "Sundays at Rocco's"), and Maya Millett (Interim Senior Producer for StoryCorps).

The event culminated in a post-screening shindig where staff and community members alike had the chance to geek out with Dean Peterson, Jordan Bruner, the guys from BRTHR, Doug Klinger from IMVDb, and many other Vimeo celebs. People who previously knew each other only digitally had the chance to meet in the flesh, with everyone glowing from the awesome videos they just watched (or the beers they just drank). It was beautiful to behold.

We're planning on doing more Staff Picks Cinema events in more cities in the future, so stay tuned and let us know if you'd like us to organize one in your neck of the woods!



sam spreckley

man, would be so good to see these in the cinema! the silvery screen! great idea.. very jealous :)

Bernardo Tadeu

very niceee, many videos here really deserve a big screen! ;)

Amy Marquis

Yes, yes, absolutely-- I would love to help organize an event like this in Boulder, CO. So many talented filmmakers here who would be psyched to geek out with the Vimeo crew. And I could hook you up with great beer sponsors. ;) Shoot me a message offline!

Ed David Plus

sounded amazing - I wish I was able to have made it - please have more events!

Meghan Oretsky PRO

This was a really awesome experience. Looking forward to more of these in NYC!


great idea, please have events in India too..... :)

Lynnk David Hubsch

This is a cool place. I had not considered video as an outlet for my creativity until I stumbled onto you. In my waning years I have embraced writing and have almost finished writing a book. Its about the Vietnam War and the things I experienced. To make it unique and stand out from the plethora of similar books in this genre...I have added humor to my stories. Even the grim stories have humor. I have kept my experiences there private for all these years, uncomfortable about sharing them. Now I intend to share them with the world. How strange is that? Anybody know an editor?

I have been an artist all my life. I see possibilities everywhere. The world is awash with pulse pounding opportunities and ideas for us to embrace and express ourselves.

Hay...thanks for listening. Can stories and graphics be presented here? Just a thought. TTFN

Lynn David Hubsch

socorro rodriguez

I´ll be waiting for this, i´m from Mexico, and I love Vimeo videos :) thanks for share.

S&S videoproduction

great idea! tell me for more information please, i live in rome and would be great organize a similar event here
this is my email [REDACTED]

Dr. Sine Laboratory

Cool idea!!! Had any disturbing ringtone during the screening? I just made perfect invention for it!

Alex Gee

Bring it to Australia, pretty please!

Bayly & Moore PRO

Magnificent! Jealous of the beery hang-times (as well as the full cinema glory).

Russell Simpson Plus

I'd love to throw Los Angeles into the hat. There's plenty of us slaving away in the shadows of the white letters. Maybe get some good, local breweries to sponsor? I'd be more than happy to help organise in any way I can....

Here's a little piece made on an iPhone, all shot in the LA alleys and back streets. Winner of 'Best mobile Film' at the New Media Film Festival...


Keith Rivers PRO

Do a staff pick screening in Seattle, WA at the cinerama. I can get you in touch with the right people, just say the word.

Anne Holiday Plus

Awesome stuff. Would love for you to a mobile cinema style tour.


Can someone explain if it is possible to watch films online through Vimeo?
For example film - '360' with Anthony Hopkins.?
If not perhaps someone know which site i can use?
Thank you

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