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Staff Picks: in haiku

Zach Goodman
March 21, 2013 by Zach Goodman Alum

Don't have time to watch all our Staff Picks, and don't particularly like reading? We've got you covered on both counts. Now, a select few Staff Picks are available in that Japanese poetic form beloved by naturalists and lazy writers everywhere: the haiku.

Post your own 5-7-5 about a Vimeo video down in ye olde comments. Our favorite will receive a free 1-year membership to Vimeo Plus! (Or gift it to a friend, if you've already got it.)

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Lawrence Wyman, and thanks to everyone who submitted. Feel free to keep writing haikus, but the only remaining prize is cultural enlightenment, i.e. nothing.

Out of Nowhere

I don't care if it's
Just an empty swimming pool:
No chickens allowed.


I think that I’ll spritz
Every fragrance from last year
For my date tonight

Northern Lights

A darkened ice rink
And battery body lights
Equals ghost hockey

A Year Through My Window

Australia has some
Incredible scenery
And weird floating maps

Flamingo Pride

This is tragedy:
You're all alone in the world
And a flamingo

Building the World's Largest Ship (in 76 seconds)

That's how long it takes
To build the world's largest ship?
Also, what's time lapse?


Fluid dynamics
Are a lot sexier with
EDM soundtracks


If you feel hungry
Don't buy your groceries from
A mad scientist

Dan Friel – Thumper

Weird TV feedback?
That's probably from a dude
Rocking with some lamps

'Fight For Everyone' Music Promo

Sometimes, when you're God,
You just want to say, "Screw it,
Here's a Godzilla."

Milk Run

This magic briefcase
Helps you kiss, dance, and fight crime
But you live with mom

The Come Up

Daring heist, big chase
Fight scene, and explosions? Great,
But where's my coffee?


Aaron Hose Plus

Oh how pretentious
Must we be with these vids
They're already cool.

Bart van der Gaag Plus

I was so happy with the first 2 lines, so I was hoping you wouldn't notice a line was missing. You vimeans don't miss a beat!

Titus Napirlica

A titanic ship
A large man with a briefcase
There's a pattern here.

Michael Bever

The old pond, ah
a frog jumps in
caught on Vimeo

Birds fly south then north
End and begin in between
Now is where they live

More silly and pretentious to add to the mix


Aaron Hose Plus

Still trying to hard
Oh when will we learn to let
The vids speak alone.


I live in the past
The future I cannot see
Decades before the mast
Adrift upon the sea

I live on the plains
With the Souix and Apache
Though their spirits remains
Are no analogue

I live in mountains high
Where earth and sky meet
The winds moan and sigh
Yet I am complete

I live on the hawks wings
Soaring high above all
Wind echoes as the raptor sings
His song on deaf ears falls

I live in the past
The future I cannot see
Our time will not last
What will be will be

S.L. Keck

Zach Goodman Staff

Congrats, Mr. Winner, you've vanquished the haiku challenge. I'll message you about your glorious prize, and inscribe your poem on the Vimeo bathroom wall.

Note to maintenance: I mean this symbolically. Any inscribed poem is completely coincidental.

Lawrence Wyman Plus

I'd like to thank the alphabet and all the little punctuations that have supported me along this journey to the top! LW

Maayan Tzuriel

Haiku night at the Inbetween Club-

Socks, One red
one Blue

Spring, Comes up

Where ever I go
It goes
Stop following me



Zach Goodman Staff

For his thoughtful choice
And "revealing teacher" pun
Lawrence Wyman wins

Thanks, everyone, for your excellent haikus (including those that questioned the whole premise of writing haikus about videos).

Santiago Orlando

What a great contest!
Vimeo is fucking awesome!
Keep working like that!

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