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Storytelling with Sound

Emily G
August 7, 2012 by Emily G
Hey Gang, Vimeo and our friends at [stillmotion]( are teaming up for a very exciting contest that we would love for you to be a part of! We've always felt that sound is a critical part of any video, in fact sound and video go together like peanut butter and jelly, Beauty and the Beast, heck, even Benny and the Jets. Now relax your eyes, strap on your ear goggles, and pay attention as stillmotion explains the ins and outs of the four main elements of audio and lays out the [Big Shorts]( challenge: [clip:46642933] More contest details can be found [here]( but let's recap the four main types of sound they describe with some examples– • **Ambient** sounds are what give images a tactile feel. Check out how [Gioacchino Petronicce]( uses ambient sound to transport your mood into the imagery: [clip:26805821] • **Dialogue** is the words spoken by your subjects. Notice how [Margaret Cheatham Williams]( records scenes with speech from L.A. Times photographer Jay L. Clendenin and Olympic shooter Kim Rhode. Those audio visual scenes add to your overall sense of their personalities: [clip:46457553] • **Voice Over** is a disembodied voice that helps narrate your story without seeing who's speaking. This particularly comes in handy if you're filming ghosts. Spooky. Check out how this gets used by [Christian Denslow]( in Olympic Runner: [clip:45137190] • A **Soundtrack** is the music that you put behind your video. Music can tell a story or set a mood, or you can even juxtapose a serious song with a silly video like in the Children's Hospital Promo by the [Daniels]( [clip:46795889] Now for the juicy prizes. In brief, there's a bunch and the winners will end up spending months combing through all the cool stuff they will be showered with. In addition to the numerous prizes offered you'll have a chance to upgrade that Basic account to some Power Ranger levels. For Hobbyists entering the challenge there are several prizes for winners including a year of Vimeo [Plus](! Wowza! For those entering the Pro's challenge - you have a chance to win some equally chill prizes and a year of Vimeo [PRO]( That's what I'm talkin' about! Want to enter, or just find out some more information? More details [here](! We look forward to seeing and **hearing** your submissions.


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