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Submissions now open for the Vimeo Awards!

Blake Whitman
June 3, 2010 by Blake Whitman Alum
In case you missed it, we recently announced the first-ever Vimeo Festival and Awards to celebrate and honor the best of creative online video. With the unprecedented level of creativity, skill and innovation coming from online video today, it's high time to give back to the independent creators who choose the Internet to distribute and to share their work through sites like Vimeo. This being the first year of the Festival and Awards, we are going all out. We have secured awesome [judges]( to evaluate your work in a variety of [categories]( and a jam-packed two day [festival]( of events and education to let everyone join in on the fun. An Awards show will culminate the Festival in an entertaining evening of celebration, honoring the individual category winners. Award winners will be heavily promoted on Vimeo and the winner of the Best Video award across all categories will win a **$25,000 grant** to produce new work as well. That's a lot of moolah, because we're committed to supporting the creative community, and want to do our part to enable exciting new artists. Starting today, [submissions are now open]( worldwide for the Vimeo Awards. These awards are open to ALL videos online, not just videos on Vimeo. So even if you uploaded it to another site, or have yet to upload that new piece you have been slaving over, we want to see it! You can submit as many videos as you want in a variety of different categories. You can learn more and read the Official Rules at To submit your work, visit []([]( We can't wait to see what you've got! Love, Vimeo


Star Mountain Media PRO

Very cool!

Details needed: the deadline for submission, and the date for the actual festival. I want to attend.

Star Mountain Media PRO

The Vimeo Festival + Awards are happening in New York City on October 8-9, 2010 at IAC headquarters and the SVA Theater.

Jon Rawlinson PRO

I'm coming to NYC for this for sure!

Will be good to meet others behind the vimeo!


I'd also have loved to participate but I don't have the money either. There should be a free side competition without the chance to win the grand prize (but probably some attention) too.


what you just described is basically you put your stuff online for free.. and then if the "judges" like it, it gets all the attention it deserves :p

Steve S.

Good luck to those who enter. Great idea, but I think I'm passing. I do this for a living so the last thing I need is my fun stuff to become "work". I can't wait to see some submissions and what's picked as the winner, though! It'll be exciting to watch unfold! :)

Wendy Elkin

Can I submit a WIP and keep it private?

Peter Tang

that's awesome! I need to get funds for my next film.

Fearless Sunrise

This is monster news!
What a great initiative on Vimeo's behalf, thanks for always encouraging creativity and mutual inspiration.

Match Point

Sounds like a fair price and awesome judges. David Lynch! The only problem is the Original Series category is kind of complicated, having to break the episodes up in that very specific manner of three. I have one pilot that is over 10 minutes. Looks like this competition might not be for me. Good luck everyone!


Sounds greAt!!!!bravos!!!!good luck for everybody!!!

Daniel Hayek Staff

We respectfully disagree. Our fees are quite modest and partially in place to insure that submitted content is intended for serious consideration. Just because money is involved does not automatically mean that we are trying to exclude, it's a measure to promote conscientious submissions with qualitative merit.

fattysamuels Plus

I understand your reasoning, but still disagree. I believe you will miss out on some great stuff that would outweigh the 'jokers'. Perhaps a section for non-paying filmmakers...?

Jeremie Tronet Plus

If someone think he has a chance to win the jackpot and don't wanna spend 20$ to sign in .... no comments .....

Star Mountain Media PRO

I'm all for the entry fee, personally. I don't know any film festival that doesn't have an entry fee of some kind.

Plus, it will keep those who aren't serious away, and it will keep those who are serious from entering multiple works.

Devlin Wilder

This contest should become part of the family so entries can not only reap the benefits of it but be granted an IMDb page upon entering.

Adam Joy

Sounds Great, will probably only be really able to afford to submit one or two videos, now which ones to pick..

John Michael Fulton

Let's keep the negativity down about the entry fee. The Vimeo Staff is bringing in established filmmakers to evaluate our work. Just seeing David Lynch's name influenced my decision for submission. Thank you Vimeo and good luck to everyone.

John Michael Fulton

Will there be a submissions page with each separate category? I know the community is not judging but it would be interesting to see the other pieces.

Rhea Nabua

Great job Vimeo! Completely understand the entry fee, typical of a lot of film festivals and necessary to pay for the work that goes into creating the festival itself and to screen out 1000's of random submissions.

And... David Lynch? WTF?! That's incredible.

Blake Whitman Staff

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. We have lots of great judges, some oh whom are long-time Vimeo members.

For a list of all the great judges, check out

Hope you guys will submit!

Jeremie Tronet Plus

Fee is a great idea, it already selects who's motivated and not everyone will submit all their videos. Poor judges .... that would be a lot of videos to watch and some bad ones .....

'll submit mine Monday when I release it public .... hehe cheers and thanks to the vimeo staff !!!

Matt Rodgers Plus

so if you were posting a action sports film what category would u put it in for this festival??

Blake Whitman Staff

depends on the content. If it doesn't really have a story, Experimental. If it's more of a documentation of an event or people, then probably Documentary.

Elijah Wells

how long do we have to submit? A buddy and I are working on a film

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