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Super Meet Up in June

Blake Whitman
May 15, 2008 by Blake Whitman Alum

So I already posted a preliminary rumor of this event in the forums, but I wanted to confirm that we are actually organizing a super sweetacular meet up in NYC for the weekend of June 27th.

This event will be the first of its kind for Vimeo and we're VERY excited about it.

So far we have a few events planned, the most notable being a large party to be hosted at the IAC headquarters using their HUGE video wall. There will be performances, screenings, and a chance to mingle with the staff and fellow Vimeo users.

The remainder of the weekend will consist of optional community building activities such as group lip dubs, short video contests, and some other fun stuff.

So save the date and come on down to NYC June 27th!

We will give more information in a few weeks, including creating a Group around the event when we launch Groups.



YES!! Sweetacular, indeed!


woooo!! i am so excited :D


This sounds like sooo much fun.
Because you guys already made such a good and nice website, your party must be super-duper-great!



super jealous, but excited to see the videos from the meet-up!


DAMN IT TO HELL BLAKE! I'll be in Minnesota. And I'd fly up from Florida for this too! My girlfriends brother & wife are havin' a baby. Wonder if she could hold that thought for an extra week. Blake, Post your super duper meet up vids on the channel when ya get 'em! That's gonna' be crazy man!

Vision One Films

HAVIN' A BABY? Bro, that's video material right there.


I hate you ;-)

Can' make it this date from europe to NYC
especially because the "Concorde" is off duty.

Tom Lowe PRO

NYC? Fer-getabout it!

Let me know when something is going down on the best coast. :)

Vision One Films

We love L.A.-we love it. Ummm, that's the coast you mean, right Tom?


i will teach you how to!! come with me!!! :D


OH! DE isn't that far! I'll have to confer with Elemeno Pee and see if we can take a small road trip. ;]


Elemeno.... four letters (not one)


HEY! That's where I live!! Whoo-Hoo!


I'll be there in spirit, since the flesh can't afford it...

it sounds great though.....maybe I'll send Scruffy 2.0 to crash the festivities

Ralph Lindsen

allright, any europeans willing to step into a boat and peddle our way the NYC? i'll navigate :D


get the guy from 'inside the actor's studio' to ask you irrelevant questions

Tommy Penner Alum

You rock for the timing - I'll only be in NYC for a few days while on vacation, but TA-DA Vimeo meetup while I'm there. Score.

Nick Rose

It's times like this I curse the fact I live in French know, or Colorado.

Tamma Strongbear

I have been mia on vimeo for a while but i am def there for the meet up

jean-pierre chery

This is perfect. I'm moving to New York on June 1st. What timing!

tom lew

I think I'm coming to be honest! Already making plans.


hah! I think I'll leave mine home :P

Cameron Christopher PRO

Augh, wish I could come. Dear Chicagoans, let's super lip dub as well on the 4th of July weekend.


this website is very cool because it is available worldwide (thanks to internet).
The trip from France to new york would be a great idea but too far for my budget.
Good idea and thanks for having created vimeo!!

Vision One Films

won't you be 'working' the event, uh-ummm miss Intern?

Caroline Martin

Oh, I'll be "working" the event, alright. Working it like your mom. Last night.


omg! posalooty! dig your sense of humor. so awesome.

Vision One Films

I didn't mean that kind of 'working it', I meant that you would not be there as a guest-rather, as a Vimeo staff-

Caroline Martin

Heehee, yeah, I guess so! I wonder what they'll have me doing?

Caroline Martin

Hey! I didn't know you were an apprentice, too. Sweet!

Vision One Films

Congrats Casey D, Posalootly, I am very excited for the both of you-you must do a video journal!

Casey Donahue Alum

thanks Hoop, expect videos out the wazoo!

and I start May 26th, next Monday. PUMPED!


I'm unable to attend in the flesh but am happy to participate via satellite feed.


Oh your comming


Well, okay then! If you're buyin', I'm flyin'!


Oh wait, I can't... my mom and her new fiance are visiting me in Chicago on June 27th.

mike ambs

Ahh :( I just checked prices from LAX to NY and the cheapest I can find is $440... I wanna be there. I must find a way...

Daniel Hayek Alum

or try and jump on a private jet flight, sometimes it works if you just show up at the airport and offer some dough for gas, seriously.

Karen Abad Plus

Mike, let's gather everyone from CA and get on our magic carpet and float along to NYC...hahah.

Dan Huston

Karen - I have a magic carpet that I'll fed-ex to you!

Lisa Kassner PRO

How much fun is this? I would love it if you could bring such an activity here to Los Angeles, California...

Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL Plus

Global-DVC Holland here. Love to come (without the HD lion), but who can offer accomodation for two, in NYC near IAC headquarters in exchange for a later free stay in Zandvoort Holland near the beach and our HD studio and close to Amsterdam? Mail studio@Global-DVC.NL

Vision One Films

Hello other fellow dutchies! Just saying hello-


Phillip Johnson

If theres another one in december I might be able to make it, I'll be on the way home from sasketchewan.

Karen Abad Plus



Andrew Love

If I fly there from LA, can anyone give me a floor or a couch to crash on?

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