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Super Vimeo Meetup, 2009!

Andrea Allen
June 25, 2009 by Andrea Allen PRO
Hey everyone, Last year, Vimeo hosted the [first Super Meetup]( in New York. It was a huge party and many of Vimeans came from [far and wide](Vimeetuptrip, USA 2008!) to meet other Vimeans face to face. It was like stepping through the computer screen... I would know... I was there. And now I'm excited to say that we've scheduled another Super Vimeo Meetup for Saturday, August 15, 2009. We have an amazing line-up of live entertainment complete with video installations, a set by the mix-masters the [Eclectic Method](, and tons of Vimeo's creative minds and friendly people. We plan on having a live feed of the event broadcast on Vimeo, so even if you can't make it out, you'll still be able to "be there." Join the [Vimeo Meetup Group](Vimeo Meetup!). Coordinate plans, share videos, and see other Vimeo meetups happening around the world! You can say what's on your mind in our [Festivals and Contests forum post]( We also set up a [Facebook Event]( where you can RSVP if you'd like. When: Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. Where: Monkey Town 58 North 3rd street Brooklyn, NY This is going to be a killer party so I really hope to see you all (in real life) there!



Me too ... :-(


Me three :(

Jonny Harrison

me four. :-( Can someone organise a meet in london for free?

Blake Whitman Staff

We're going to be doing some Vimeo Offlines in London, Paris, and Berlin the weeks after this event. More info soon!

Don Xaliman Plus

An international Vimeo video installation festival. Real time link up to cities around the world.
Pull the community together and watch on a BIG screen.


I always wanted to go to the states. Hmm I'll check out the funds, and if anyone wants to put me up for a couple of days then that's all good too!!!!

Shane Finneran

Have fun celebrating The Vim in NYC. You guys gotta throw a similar party out California way, too!

Erick C.

sweet! i'll totally help organize it blake.

Cody Smith

yeah the west coast need some vimeo love!

Joseph Griffin

Hey don't everyone go forgetting that part in the middle of the country. Chicago is a nice place. is there anything in the woodwork for the Midwest?


Hell Yahhhh

Katie Parks

i might see what i can do. i've been meaning to come out east anyway....

Troy Conrad

I hope you guys can do one of these meetups in Los Angeles area!

Jedd Goble

Yeah! Have one of these in California!

Mike Hutcherson

hummmmm? should i jump on a plan and blow all my savings just to high-5 some awesome people in new york???


My thoughts exactly.

Jack Plus

Have fun! and YES to the Westy meetup


OMG, I can't wait!! I went to the Vimeo Meetup Group and I don't see an JOIN button/link. Maybe I'm already a member? I was at the first Vimeo gathering, so maybe I joined then? At any rate, I will see you guys there!

Dylan Kelly Plus

Uhg I'm gonna be out in NYC Starting tomorry thru the 1st of July.. maybe if I'm super lucky by the Meetup I will have recovered from this trip enough to spend another shit ton of money I don't have. lol


Some day!!!

From now greetings from Chile


Pleaz west coast meet...From Oregon want to meet youz guys.

Chip Bolcik

I lived in NYC for many years. Don't need to ever go back. When you have a Vimeomeet in LA though, I'll be there!


I wish I could go... greetings from Spain!

lou macdonald

oh no. greetings from vienna,.. which is far, far away.

Angel Apostolski Plus

Why don't you make the next one a European party, somewhere in the middle, like Berlin or Prague?

Angel Apostolski Plus

Hey Blake, I live in Sofia actually, but would make a long drive for a Vimeo party ;) If you ever come to Sofia, write me, would love to have some beers together.

Arnold Marko

I think Ljubljana in Slovenia would be a good point in between ;)

Morgan Plus

I move to New York August 1st so i'll see you there, super psyched.


Great idee
we wanna do someting in Brussels

Michael Ocampo

I'm really down to come from the west coast. I'll see if I come up with the funds. :)


Amsterdam the most beautiful place ever!


Great project!
Vimeo .eu

Michael Perry

damn im coming to NY august 19-21, but can i still stop by vimeo and say hi?

SteveR Plus

You ought to organise one of these in the UK soon. It should be presented by Andrea. No disrespect to the rest of the staff, but if Andrea's not in charge of the UK meet up, then I for one am not interested.

Blake Whitman Staff

we're doing a Vimeo Offline in London around the 25th or august, but I guess you won't be there now will you Steve R???!!

SteveR Plus

I'll have to boycott it if Andrea's not there.

Joe Giambrone

thats only 30 minutes away from where i live =D


i just left new york!!!!!!!!!!

William Brandon Bales

This makes Charles a sad dude. I reallllllllly want to go, but doubt I can afford the trip!


I'm from Brazil. Maybe it should be done in another parts of the world in the future?


Art & Creativity have their own house in Italy, so next meetup in Italy !


damn, if it were two months later I would so come. I am going to be in NY in October.

Romain Fournier

damned I'm in Austin Texas. May be next SXSW festival?

Christina King

Torontohhh or Vancouvahhh, CANADAhhh! *^.^*
(...but Honolulu sounds really good to me! haha)

Michael Benjafield

Been wanting to visit NY properly for ages, might try and get some time off work to come over this period, maybe get some cheap flights from Heathrow to NY. Make a cool video of the trip, failing that i'll be watching the webcast :)

Michael Benjafield

Yay! Have you had any ideas on a venue? i live just outside the city if you need any suggestions or help :)


I'm on Brazil, oh Lord!
Very far and wide.

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