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SXSW 2013: We went, we saw, we announced majorly cool stuff

Sam Morrill
March 19, 2013 by Sam Morrill Staff

Yo Vimeo!

Last week a highly trained team of Vimeo operatives, armed only with mobile phones and business cards, laid siege upon the Texas capital. There we engaged in hand-to-hand networking, performed reconnaissance at various screenings, and detonated what was perhaps the most explosive Vimeo feature in the history of online video: Vimeo On Demand! Here's our recap of SXSW 2013:

First, we hosted two screenings of 'Moving Images to Melt Your Mind and Expand Your Heart', an awesome selection of the Vimeo Staff favorites that you can watch here.

Tuesday was Vimeo’s big day: we announced Vimeo On Demand, our new tool for creators to sell their work directly to their audience. To make such a massive announcement in proper Vimeo fashion, we paired it with a screening of Don Hertzfeldt's beloved film, 'It's Such A Beautiful Day', which is now available to stream and download on Vimeo On Demand.

We also sat on a bunch of panels! Andrea held it down on 'Easy as 1, 2, 3: Point, Shoot and Share' where she expounded upon the merits of using mobile devices to shoot videos; Jeremy explained why short documentaries work so well online at 'Shooting for Impact: Online Doc Shorts Now' (answer: immediacy, clarity of message, presence of Grumpy Cat); and Blake tamed not one, but two panels! 'Finding Your Audience with Open Web Technologies' and 'The Future of TV', which, in Blake’s highly specialized technical analysis, is "looking pretty darn good!"

Oh yeah, and we also hosted the PARTY OF THE CENTURY, which included performances by Surfer Blood, Murder by Death, and Neon Indian. A thousand people showed up, among them LeVar Burton of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Reading Rainbow, who tried explaining to us how long a century is (100 years? Nice try, LeVar).

And then there were screenings. Lots of screenings. One film that we especially enjoyed was 'euphonia', by our friends ornana films, who you might know from '(notes on) biology'. Their newest gem of a film is headed to Vimeo on April 21, so check out the trailer and put a little star sticker on your calendars!

That’s all, gang. Remember to check out Vimeo On Demand, and keep Vimeo weird.



Anton Könneke

oh, i'm just a german student with less money :). But maybe if i could do an exchange :).
please write me a message american students if you're intressted to learn a very boring language called german :D

Will Anderson Plus

Did vimeo staff catch 'The Great Hip Hop Hoax'? Myself and Ainslie Henderson were Animators on it. Hope it went down well. w

Sam Morrill Staff

Was that a feature or a short? I don't think I got to see it, unfortunately.

Will Anderson Plus

It's a feature. About 2 Scottish rappers 'Silibil n' Brains' who pretended to be from California to expose the music industry. They were at SXSW representing with Director Jeanie Finlay.
Ah well, to the future! w

Rob Tinworth PRO

Out of the films I saw at SXSW, The Great Hip Hop Hoax was my pick of the festival (with the exception of Broadway Idiot - but I cut that so it probably doesn't count). I loved the animations. They were fun, but they also told the story well. Great work!

Will Anderson Plus

Great! Thanks Rob, that's great to hear.
Couldn't go this year but hoping to at some point. w

Jason Sondhi Staff

I met the Silibil n' Brains guys! Between jalapeño cocktails and thick accents I'm not sure if I got all the conversation though. =) good guys.

karmstrong PRO

My short with footage of the aurora and a score by Jim O'Rourke was part of the short docs section. I had a great time and what fabulous people to hang around with. for trailer and other screenings around North America.

Sam Morrill Staff

Your short was probably in the one shorts program I didn't get a chance to see! Doc Shorts 1, right? I'd still like to see your short.


keep vimeo weird, haha dig it. I'm trying my best to get out there next year and meet some of the vimeo staff and hang out with some bands I've done videos for - fingers crossed!

Reykjavík Runway

Awesome experience and great networking event. Loved every minute of it :)


think you can almost see us climbing over the club de ville fence to get to the mohawk.

Dyana Hepburn

I tried out Vimeo for the first time, uploaded one snall experimental video and tried the new Enhancer because Vimeo sent me an e-mail about it. My video was clear, skin smooth and looked good. The enhancer dulled my color, blurred it and put black spots all over it. I had to delete the video and upload it. It takes so long to upload I do not want to take a chance on Enhancing it again.

Sam Morrill Staff

Hey Diana, sorry to hear you're not enjoying your Vimeo experience so far. If you're having issues uploading or using the Enhancer, I highly recommend that you post in our Help Forum:

Dyana Hepburn

Thanks for replying. I did find the delete button and re-uploaded the video. I did not have to do a thing to use Enhancer, but maybe it's designed to work for a more common video program. I could not have done anything at all to make it better because Enhancer just does its own thing. The black specks reminded me of how a JPEG looks after it's been lossy a few times. I notice little black specks appearing on the image and think that it may be losing pixels. Perhaps Vimeo lost some of the pixels from the CyberCam file. I'll just have to experiment more, maybe submit a Windows movie maker file and see what happens.

Rob Munday

I think next year Vimeo should hold a competition where regular users of the site get flown out to SXSW to party with the Vimeo crew *cough* *cough*

Sam Morrill Staff

You could also just call us next time you're in NYC. Just a thought.

betty kaplan

met Benjamin from ornana at the IMAX party and realized I'm done drinking, for the conversation with him was too interesting to risk forgetting. Realized it's impossible at SXSW, drank the next day and missed the last screening - thank you so very much, guys for getting euphonia to Vimeo

Skip Hunt

A friend hooked me up with a platinum access badge for SXSW 2013.

Wrote up a post about what I got out of the film festival portion with regard to my Chupacabra script and posted it on my my blog here:

These are notes mostly for myself, but I figured if someone else out there is curious or knows someone who wants to make independent film, they might be interested. Thought I'd share.

Keith Fobbs Jr

wish i could hav ran into yall while i was much was going posting my time there soon please be on the lookout.

Orion Garcia

nice, come back to austin once when it's not sxsw too, we'd love to have you.

Orion Garcia

coolio in august then :), we'll do a vimeo remix night where i'll take a bunch of videos from vimeo and create a new work of art!!! let's talk

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