When we launched Staff Picks in 2008, our goal was to celebrate the best films on Vimeo for our global audiences to enjoy. Since then, it’s grown beyond our wildest expectations with over 10,000 films to date, and tons of Vimeo filmmakers achieving massive success through the springboard of the Staff Pick. Today, we’re excited to officially announce that we’re elevating creators and their work with three new levels of Staff Pick prestige: Best of the Month, Best of the Year, and Staff Pick Premieres.

We believe that creators deserve to get eyes on their amazing videos, and that video watchers should know where to find the best stuff on the nets. These badges will help filmmakers attract new audiences and further establish themselves, plus let viewers surface the best of the best from just a glance. To delineate these new distinctions, we’ve deployed a new suite of laurels to adorn the finest films found on Vimeo — and for the first time ever, filmmakers can now submit their work for Staff Pick consideration.

But what does it all mean? How can filmmakers earn one of these shiny new laurels? And where can you watch all the amazing Picks? Below, we’ll explain all the things.

Staff Pick Premieres is our new global online film premiere, featuring an amazing pre-selected Staff Pick each and every week. Vimeo will support the film through both on- and off-site promotion, including editorial and marketing support (think blog posts, social campaigns, and more). Vimeo’s in-house curation team chooses videos for Staff Pick Premieres, but there’s also an open submission process now: any video that’s played in competition at an Oscar®-qualifying event within the last 24 months is fair game. To get in touch, reach out at premieres@vimeo.com.

We’re proud to announce the that the first Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere is the short film Curmudgeons from director Danny DeVito, which is now streaming here.

Best of the Month is a longstanding tradition at Vimeo HQ. Each month, the entire company watches an hour’s worth of Staff Pick films uploaded to Vimeo from the past 30(ish) days in a special screening. Moving forward, those films will receive the Best of the Month laurel for the whole world to see. There will be roughly 120 films selected per year, creating 12 hours of online programming not to be missed.

At the end of each calendar year, our team will then appoint Best of the Year winners from its monthly Best-of pool in each of its core categories (like animation, sports, narrative, etc.). In addition to receiving the ultimate Staff Pick laurel, filmmakers will receive dedicated marketing and promo support for their winning film, so more eyeballs can get on more terrific videos.

And finally, the tried-and-true Staff Pick badge. The eponymous and sought-after laurel of the Vimeo Staff Pick is not going anywhere. We’ll continue to scour Vimeo for the very best of online video, covering every flavor of genres and subjects. While there is no set number of Staff Picks awarded throughout the year, around 1,000 videos earn the Staff Pick laurel annually.

Now that you’re in the know, check out our first official premiere debuting today, Curmudgeons,  and keep an eye out for our new crop of badges circulating Vimeo and the internet at large!