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The Community Team is hiring!

Andrea Allen
February 5, 2010 by Andrea Allen PRO

Attention all Vimeans,
The Community team is looking for a motivated, outgoing Community Apprentice who has what it takes to manage the best online community with style and grace! Vimeo internships (we call them Apprenticeships) last six months and are available for folks who can commute to our New York City office everyday.

What does a Community Apprentice do?

· Reviews daily flagged videos by users

· Reviews videos that violate our Community Guidelines

· Brainstorms ideas for Weekend and Vimeo Projects

· Assists in testing new features across platforms

· Participates in Vimeo Original videos (shooting, editing, acting)

· Assists Directors and Managers on site research

· Assists managers with site email and management of Community Forums

· Gets coffee, dry cleaning, and anything else the Community Team may require on a daily basis

To apply, make a creative video and tell us why you'd be the best Community Apprentice in the History of Ever. Email a link to your video and a copy of your resume to

Can't wait to work with you!


cian mcloughlin

I wonder if I could swim n dry off in time from the U.K every morning.. hmm

Adam Joy

sounds perfect, oh to be a new yorker.

Adam Joy

Perhaps a little far to commute from England, but hey the best things in life are worth waiting for. all be it a 7hour flight.

WMP Plus

I say go for it, England isn't that far, New York is totally doable week by week. Chartering flights is the way forward...

tom lew

Where are you guys anyway? I work at 56th and 6th


I'll apply if I can use that video wall as one of my monitors. ^^

Jose M Sánchez

Should I apply? Problem is I live in Helsinki now!

Giancarlo Iannotta Plus

I think you need to hire someone preferably 50+.
Just think how hilarious the videos would be!


i could do it for like, 3-4 hours Tuesday and Thursdays if that works

Caroline Martin

Working at vimeo was the best summer I ever had. Definitely do it, guys.

Amanda Dotterman

How about an intern for 4 months for the summer? I live in NYC but go to school in Buffalo...

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Amanda,
Ideally, we'd like someone who could work with us for six months, as it takes about three months to fully train an apprentice. However, depending on our applications, we would be open to shorter internships.

Chris Chuang

Are these internships paid? Forgive my asking! Oh god, I blew it.

Daniel Hayek Staff

Internships are paid. It's really more about the experience though of acquiring skills and working with the team.

Shawn Landersz PRO

i could never work in the same office as Andrea Allen, way too hot!


I agree with Shawn..


i have a beard.

Kevin Tunc

Waaaait for me ! I would really want to work at Vimeo, sounds even way more interesting than working at google or whatever

Do you mind taking foreign intern ? (Or US Citizen only ?)

dalas verdugo Alum

You need to be able to legally work in the U.S. I don't think we can sponsor any Visas for this or anything, but if you already have one, apply.

Kevin Plus

It would be a blast to work for Vimeo. I too have no direction. But uncle sam ain't got shit on me.

Aubrey Justin Jonah Smith

How Much!!!?? .. Nueavo Yorka mucho denero!!! And can i request that all beards be shaved down to a soul patch ,,,, i have beard phobia!!!!!! ^_^

Daniel Hayek Staff

It's really more about the spirit and creativity not the technical skill or tools you have available.

Sam James

Id be keen if i can move from New Zealand? What do you think Mr Staff

Sam James

ahaha you crack me Mr Allen, (im joking by the way, but yeah give me a job! i'll be your coffee bitch anyday!)


I'll be there in a sec.

Dennis Rubio

Yes sign me up but im in the uk :( you should open some offices here ;)

Tommy Penner Alum

Serious inquiry: when would the apprenticeship begin? I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who still has classes running for another two or three months.

dalas verdugo Alum

You should apply and we'll work it out if it looks like it's meant to be.

nick demaree

ooooooooooh i wana be in a vimeo video

Juan Reyes

Any Idea what the hours would be like? I'm very interested but I haz schoolz to go to. Also: no beard, but I do have a Johnny Depp Quasi-Goatee and a sick Kermit the frog hat. so: There are my credentials.


Would plane tickets be included in the pay for daily commute to and from Singapore?

Tom Dowser

I could commute, but the gas prices would kill me coming from the L.A. area.

Sounds cool though.

JMJProductions Plus

Left NY in '97 no more freezing weather for me.... I know you will find someone to fit the bill. Best of everything.

The video is a hoot...!!!! Who wouldn't want to work there? BYE MATT....

Sam Morrill Staff

Can't blame you for leaving in '97. After all, Todd Hundley never was the same...

Enrique Pizarro

¡ H E Y !
I'm interesting in this. I want to work with Vimeo and i would do with much love.
I'm from Colombia and actually i'm living here, but i can move to New York to working with all you. ¿What think about this?

Enrique Pizarro

Ok, gracias. ¿Hasta cuando hay oportunidad para aplicar en esto?

Enrique Pizarro

Ok, gracias. Hey, ¿Por qué la pregunta sobre la ciudad donde vivo? ¿Conoces gente acá en Colombia o qué?

Enrique Pizarro

¡Qué buena onda, bro! Yo soy de Cartagena (costa caribe colombiana) pero vivo en Bogotá.

Jedd Goble

Despite not living anywhere near New York, I'm considering it. You can't put a price on a good work environment.

Lobsterdance Collective Plus

Man, little ol' Suthun' me couldn't never dream of sumthin' this grand on my back pawch heah in Jawjuh. Tis a cryin' shame my livin' in Atlanta's stoppin' me from applyin' t' this here internship. Dayumn.

*Sips his Mint Julep thoughtfully*

John Hoffman

I want to be this. I'm ready to move away from Kalamazoo. I'm young and could totally do full time. Someone lend me a camera plz?

dalas verdugo Alum

Looking forward to seeing something from you. Maybe animation? No camera required!

John Hoffman

How about pictures? And music? Sideshow perhaps, because that's about all I have to work with. Or I can draw some stick figures.

Matty Brown PRO

This is the funniest thread I've seen in a long time, lol.

I know you guys will pick someone awesome!

The Variety Pack

I can intern via skype from Maui...if I'm not surfing...or swimming with dolphins...or sliding down rainbows...and I have a red beard (NO I'm not a Leprechaun but could easily play one when I'm not tending to my unicorn)...Aloha.

Daniel Hayek Staff

I like your life style. Let's swap! I'll play with dolphins while sliding on rainbows in the tropics while you get to ride the luxurious A train to the office everyday!

Miles Trahan Plus

An internship at Vimeo? And it pays? Wow, I might need to get on this. Exactly what kind of hours does "full time" entail?

New Yorker here, btw.

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Miles,
Our work hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Any British posts? lol....

Robert Payne

I'll do it, but only if you don't pay me.

Robert Payne

Done and Done! All kidding aside, I'd be all over it if I were 15 years younger. :~)

Robert Mockler

With the amount of interest, you would have to be some coffee maker to get this position. Haha

Jared Auslander

when would this start...I am very interested but currently in Israel until the middle of march.

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