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The Final Chapter

Blake Whitman
February 2, 2011 by Blake Whitman Alum

Hey Folks,

This has been a really exciting year for Vimeo and a big part of that excitement comes from our massively successful contest with Canon, The Story Beyond the Still. Over a year ago, Vincent Laforet, Canon and Vimeo set out to engage filmmakers in a new type of collaborative filmmaking. The goal was to energize people around Canon's new DSLR camera, the 7D, as well as engage the Vimeo and filmmaking community across the country. What transpired over this last year was the creation of The Story Beyond the Still contest, a massively successful and award-winning competition that gave hundreds of filmmakers a chance to not only have their work be seen by great judges and win awesome prizes, but also be part of one of the largest community filmmaking projects in history.

For those of you who are not familiar, the contest began with a film by Pulitzer Prize winner and community member, Vincent Laforet who was given a still image to interpret into a short film shot with the Canon 7D. This film became the first chapter in the Story Beyond The Still contest which also ended on a still photograph for contest goers to interpret into the next chapter of the story. This pattern continued for another six user-generated chapters with each chapter winner continuing the story by interpreting the previous chapter's ending still image.

Now, one year and over 275 submissions later, the contest has come to a close and the final chapter is complete. In the spirit of this collaborative contest, the winners of each chapter all came together to write and to help produce the final chapter, "Corridors", again directed by Vincent Laforet. Vimeo was on set to interview the chapter winners and record the behind-the-scenes action that brought this epic narrative to an end. All eight chapters have now been assembled together into a short film, which premiered simultaneously at the Sundance Film Festival and on Vimeo over a week ago.

As a judge and producer on the contest, it makes me extremely proud and happy to present the final collaborative film of the Story Beyond the Still. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, check out the behind-the-scenes of the first and final chapters to get an inside look into how these were made!

For more information on the contest and to watch the individual chapters and other entires, head over to the Story Beyond the Still Group on Vimeo.

A giant thanks to everyone involved, everyone who submitted and contributed to the contest, and everyone else who watched and voted!



Yes! This is what my lunch break will consist of tomorrow.

Jake Williams Plus

Can't wait until I get a chance to check these out! Excellent contest, bravo to the winners and congrats on completing the final chapter!


Now, for the 5D MKIII! With a 2K sensor and XLR inputs! (please god let that actually happen...)

Marvene Rom Munda

very nice! too bad that the contest was open to US residents only...imagine the possibilities if it was opened worldwide ^^

Charlie Huette Plus

Seriously: you guys have terrific ideas. All the praise you receive is well deserved.

Elaine Davis Plus

Brilliant work and idea! =) THIS is a well-produced video in itself! Awesome...thanks for sharing this experience!! =)

Jay Bancroft

This is really a amazing task, and the producers are all amazing, it gives me drive and ideas for my short films..also makes me want to go get a DSLR Camera, was this all produced with it?

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