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The finalists have arrived

Katie Armstrong
May 21, 2012 by Katie Armstrong Alum

The results are almost in, ladies and germs — we're proud to present the finalists for this year's Vimeo Awards!

Narrowing the shortlists was no easy task, but with the help of our dream team of judges we've slimmed them into these doses of highly concentrated awesome. Each of the 13 categories has four videos duking it out for the universally cherished Vimeo Award. If you're partial to things that totally rule, we encourage you to view them all.

Don't forget for even one second that you can celebrate the winners with us at the Festival + Awards on June 7-9 in NYC — get your tickets now!



It would be great to get some exposure at last :-) ...3rd place will do me ... im easily pleased x

Marcus Bonnick

Hopefully I can get involved with the next one, congratulations to all people short-listed!


let's go...


this real good


I am glad I have joined an excelent GROUP like VIMEO, and I hope I may use some of your videos in my page : La Mujer De ROJO, a page with no profit motive in mind.

Calvin Florian Plus

Very cool to be part of the awards and be in the Series finalists....thanks Cole and GT for letting me be a part of DreamStates!

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