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The Global Video Event Returns on 12.12.12

Daniel Hayek
December 7, 2012 by Daniel Hayek Alum

If you had one day to document anything on Earth for future generations to learn from, what would it be? And if you knew people in every country in the world were doing the same thing on the same day, how would it affect your choice? The amazing worldwide collaborative filmmaking project is back for its third installment: on 12.12.12, people in every country will participate in One Day on Earth. On 10.10.10, the global effort yielded over 3,000 hours of footage that was edited into a feature film that includes perspectives as diverse as its contributors’ locations, and last year's 11.11.11 project yielded even more rich video. Capturing moments spanning births, wars, vast landscapes, and frenetic cities, the project is a snapshot of the world around us, and often reveals how little we as individuals really know about it.

With the global filming event just days away, we’re inviting you to participate. It’s easy to get started: create a profile on the One Day on Earth site and it will automatically connect to your Vimeo account. Then, on Wednesday, December 12, capture your slice of the world. The resulting film will be shown all over the globe, and all footage will be included in a geo-tagged archive where you can watch individual submissions by clicking on a map.

We at Vimeo are proud to have participated in this incredible project from its earliest days, and even prouder that we’re part of an amazing and growing list of supporters, which includes the United Nations, Oxfam, Red Cross/Red Crescent, World Wildlife Fund, and many others. So we’re asking the entire Vimeo community to sign up, get your cameras ready, and prepare to add yourself to One Day on Earth.


Bart van der Gaag Plus

I turned down a gig with Scorcese for this shoot! I've got my priorities right. OK, I lied, but I'm on for the 12th.


A more specific date was 20.02.2002 and I still watch the Vimeo.

One Day on Earth - PRIVATE PRO

Palindromes are best. A man a plan a canal panama

Can you remember how you watched videos on line in 2002? We'll have to do a Lycos search on what was even available.


I have not seen. As you enter the original title of the film and the Director to look for to see.

YogaPanda Photography

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. But I will be on my vacation in a resort in Bali, Indonesia. So, I am in for this.


love the concept, cant wait send my stuff in!

Ariel Navarrete Spahn Plus

Just signed up, great to see things like this, I remember youtube had one similar called Life in a Day! well the concept Is great!

One Day on Earth - PRIVATE PRO

Proud to say that the concept was born right here on Vimeo a couple years before, but has been done with photos and other mediums for decades... just not as big. Thank you internet!

Aaron Khare

Gonna be on flight to Mumbai on 12.12.12 for a cousin's wedding, will catch some airport shots! Just signed up and awaiting approval :)

One Day on Earth - PRIVATE PRO

The movement of people is cool and always diverse. Last year participants filmed migration in 50+ countries... Safe travels.

The Adventures Of /Jakfoto Films PRO

I'll be attending - and filming - a same-sex wedding for the first time, and I am overjoyed for these brides who have been through so much to be together! I would love to share their story.

One Day on Earth - PRIVATE PRO

This is awesome to have and share in the archive of the day. A true topic of the times! Can't wait to see the day through your lens!


Any time limit on the footage?

One Day on Earth - PRIVATE PRO

Just as much as you memory cards can hold. Our uploader will be on our homepage starting on 12/12/12 and will link with your Vimeo account. Hold onto your raw files though, as we'll be coming back to you as our team organizes the archive.


cecep ali

It really is exceptional, You may have incredible video. We are really taking advantage of the structure along with settings from your web-site.

One Day on Earth PRO

Thanks, we're really excited to be working closely with our engineers to ensure an easy upload process after the 12th.

Jamie Wyant

We just signed up. And we'll be filming on the 12th. It'll probably be raining.


Gran idea porqué el mundo audiovisual es el idioma más internacional Gracias VIMEO.

Joseph Valentinetti Plus

I just watched the 10.10.10 dvd. Frenetic and a little gimmicky but fun anyway. It seems to serve a purpose similar to a still photograph and the sense of 'moment in time', that, although each video shot is really just that, the theme locks this event in place.
I was in on 11.11.11 and don't see a reason to stop now.

One Day on Earth PRO

Thanks Joseph. We're really happy with the 10/10/10 film, but can tell you that the 11/11/11 film is coming together in a different way and we can't wait to share. No doubt 12/12/12 will see additional evolution. It is an exciting process.


muy buena idea...

Klein Mein Plus

why not! I'm in, from Poland instead of my native Cyprus, but hey...wherever me and my camera is...on 12.12.12

One Day on Earth PRO

We are always looking for more collaborators. I know the team was looking for more support in Cyprus... just in case you know anyone that might be down for a little 12/12/12 filming. We're looking forward to seeing your awesomeness Poland too!

Goody Cambay PRO

I'm filming Wedding on 12.12.12 in Downtown Toronto. But will try to captured some unusual moments.... How to share my clips in this event?

Brian Ceci

I'm in South Sudan at the moment - this will be a great contribution!

Daniel Hayek Staff

So many views from the around the world, can't wait. ODOE is a top-notch perspective shifting event!


In order to have a chance of being on the documentary, do I have to record with a pro camera? At this point the only thing that I have at hand is my iPhone, but I guess that you won't be showing on the final release a poor quality video.

One Day on Earth PRO

Don't get us wrong, we love a great camera, but just go out and have fun. Document something you think would be interesting for someone on the other side of the world to see. Our film is just 1 interpretation. All participants have downloadable access to the archive (non commercial with credit).

Jonathan Earley Plus

Just to clarify: Once the archive has been completed, we as regular people have access to use the archive and its footage to make our own films? Because that is really awesome.

Paul Meehan

I'm in Dublin City...I'll try my best!


While out on a walk in my neighborhood, I figured out what I'm going to shoot. I live in a predominantly Latino suburb of Los Angeles, Panorama City. The Panorama Mall is an institution in our neighborhood and a temple of shopping and commercialism. However, 12/12 is the day of the Feast of La Virgen de Guadelupe, the patron saint of Mexico. There will be a commemoration of this religious/cultural event at the Mall. So you have the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, with Santa holding court at one end of the mall, and this religious/cultural event that is about the spirituality of the Mexican people, at the other. It should be quite cool. Gonna be shooting 1080p/30 if that's camera is AVCHD and pf24 mode is painful to work with. I also have a Sony Action Cam and I might use that as a second POV. Gonna see what 1080p looks like coming off that too...everything I've shot with it so far has been in 720p mode.

scottinojaivideos Plus

Leaving for Monterey, CA in just over an hour. Heading south to shoot Big Sur coastline in the morning and heading back north to get the same territory in the afternoon light. Been planning this for seven months. Extremely excited.


Daniel, excelente iniciativa. Mostra um grau avançado de amor à humanidade. Incrível sensibilidade. Gostaria de participar, mas minha câmera não chegará a tempo. Vou aguardar com ansiedade 13.13.2013. Com certeza estarei participando, se Deus permitir. Até lá!

Titta Suvanto

I am a finnish teacher surrounded by 600 teenagers between 13-15 years. And we all live up here in the north surrounded by darkness and snow this time of the year. Sounds like totally black and white - but how will it look like - let's see :-)

Carson White

Hi, I was wondering if for this video we could send in extreme talents?

Nahsom Filmes Plus

Hello, I'll be shooting in 12:12:12 in the "Alto do Moura" location in the interior of Pernambuco, Brazil. In that place artists make clay sculptures. Portray the daily lives of people of the region in his sculptures. See I'll try my best! Leandro.


We are setting up the to get some Surfing shots in Acapulco.

Jennifer L Johnson

I live in Hawaii. I'm planning to do the sunrise.... but is there anything anyone wants me to catch during the day?

One Day on Earth PRO

Sunrise sounds great! Perhaps think about the ideas put out in the trailer? What do you have? What do you need? It is a totally open creative process - lets see what Hawaii looks like on 12/12/12!

parviz sani

I am in California and looking forward to contribute ,12/12.12

Simran Vedvyas

I am contributing from Dubai United Arab Emirates. Some Good Footage done

Vincent John

I found out too late...
Which is really sad :(
(the " sad face" was to showcase that I am actually sad, and not being sarcastic.)
But hey, the there is always next year! 13/13/13

Daniel Hayek Staff

No way, there's still time! As long as you capture some of today you can participate.


Полное говно, опять операторские эксперименты сухие и не интересные, такое снимали еще в 20-х года прошлого века. Искусства ноль, полная безвкусица. Весь вимео забит таким дерьмом. Это политика не очень хороша и расчитанна на выкачку баблоса из наших корманов, покупайте типа технику и все получится. Получилось говно. Идите в жопу:) Иди в жопу Vimeo. Идите в жопу. Выбранное вашей цензурой видео не катит. Сожалею оценка -5.

Sándor Fizli Plus

I'm a bit confused. Do I upload raw footage I shot today, 12-12-12, or do I put together a small video clip from my footage? I understood what I shot today is to be uploaded and someone at Vimeo will put together a video selected from footage around the world that has been submitted.
Please, can someone clarify.

One Day on Earth PRO

Hi Sandor, thanks for being part of this year's collaboration! You can upload selects, or an edit. Please use the uploader on our homepage: - either way, save the raw files.


One Day on Earth PRO

Thanks for participating! Check out the uploader on our homepage:

Brian Crawford

Hey, I uploaded a video on the ODOE site, but I'm not seeing it on that profile or my Vimeo profile. It's been a few hours. Should I see something by now or is there a delay before it's available?


One Day on Earth PRO

Hey Brian,
We'll keep an eye out for it, me video are hitting out servers successfully, but have yet to push to Vimeo. We've taken that you uploaded and when we push an update we'll double check for you. Thanks!

fabio grimaldi

per 2000 anni siamo vissuti sulla terra senza nessun cambio dimensionale,senza nessuna divinità che tornasse da chissà dove,adesso siete tutti lì a regalare energie a chi? lo sapete?
chiedetevelo prima di buttarvici dentro.... state cadendo in un inganno di proporzioni bibliche!

The Film Artist PRO

Very proud to be part of 12.12.12 London is such big melting pot of cultures, this is a moment, with one such person who has made it his home and as he says 'no matter where you live and where you are from, the world is our home':)

Robin Metze


Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

I took part in One Day On Earth event on 12-12-12. I have uploaded a 2.46 minutes video captured on the bank of a river Lakshmana Theertha in the eastern plains of Western Ghats of India in Hunsur, Mysore District, Karnataka, India. The river is dying due to discharge of uncontrolled pollution from flow of city sewage and garbage dumping. If this kind of callousness, apathy and senseless destruction of our diminishing water bodies continues, the world will have to face future wars on water issues. With this in view, hundreds of town's citizens gathered on the banks of the river in Hunsur town, lit lamps at 7 PM on 12-2-12 and placed them on the length of the river bank (they were prohibited from floating the lamps in the river since I did not want them to further pollute the river that was not actually not flowing but looked stagnant). This was followed by a Prayer meeting of all religions - Hinduism, Christianity and Islam who praised the presence of water in the world.

Suvera Donaven

I'm very proud for this Video. already i share it to my another account. Thanks for uploading this nice Video. 12/12/12

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