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The Music Store: Remixed

Tamara Hilmes
October 9, 2013 by Tamara Hilmes Alum

It was Grover Cleveland who said that no video should be lacking in vibes. That’s why we created the Vimeo Music Store and jammed it full of over 85,000 tracks — to ensure that, when you’re soundtrack-challenged, you can give your video that perfect groovy moody experimental trip-hop feel. It’s also a great way to search, download, and license music for your videos, sans hassle (as the French say).

To make it extra easy to find the exact track you need, we’ve updated the Music Store by adding more than 1,000 songs, including jams by noteworthy artists such as Johannes Strauss, Johnny Cash, and Rick Ross*.

We also gave Vimeo Music Store another completely new thing: sound effects! (Cue applause.)

Want a siren blaring in the background of your yoga video? How about some really real raindrops? Or maybe what your film cries out for is ambient audio of bread popping out of a toaster at the beach. We've got your back for aural needs both appropriate and absurd with 18,000 sound effects in the Music Store. Please peruse and choose.

Music Store

Just like before, you can opt for different personal and commercial licenses when you purchase a track or sound effect. So whether it’s Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” or a classic toilet flush you seek, click on over to the Vimeo Music Store for all your audio-to-accompany-the-visual needs.

**The country singer.*


Helium VOX

Awesome! I'm gonna be using this!

Tamara Hilmes Staff

With great soundtracks comes great responsibility — use it wisely, friend.

Rich Beach Plus

You just can't have enough sound effects in life. Thanks Vimeonians

Tamara Hilmes Staff

Agree! That's why we've all started carrying boomboxes around the office.

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