It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best marketing videos aren’t ads. To expand your brand’s reach without breaking the bank, our advice is this: don’t start with commercials. Instead of competing with giant commercial budgets and expensive ad real estate, there are tons of scrappy ways to show the world what your business is all about, while also building customer loyalty and showcasing your products or services.

These four types of videos will have the biggest impact on your business. Plus, you can start making them today.

1. Product Videos

If you produce one video this year, make it a product video. You know your business inside and out, but that doesn’t mean your loyal fans and potential customers do. An easy solution: Create some product videos that show them how to enjoy your offerings to the fullest.

One example we love are the product videos from outdoor brand Poler Stuff. For the better part of a decade, they’ve produced brief, straightforward videos that highlight both their gear in use and the sought-after lifestyle that inspires their collection.

What’s awesome about these videos is their low production value — just a tripod and some natural lighting. Their sole purpose is to display all the awesome features of their gear. And it works.

Fun fact:

73% of customers are more likely to click "buy" if they've seen your video.

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In some instances, Poler goes a step further. This video for their 2+ person tent is under a minute (like their other product videos), but it has a slightly higher production value. There’s still no dialogue, but they highlight the basics of the tent set up, what the gear looks like in the field, and the video’s setting taps into a lifestyle that gets their customers pumped.

If you’re just getting into the whole video marketing thing, start with straightforward product videos. From there you can scale up the production value as you grow your business.

2. Customer Support Videos

In many ways, customer support videos are a natural follow up to the enticing product videos you’re going to make. Your business is growing, people are buying your products, and questions arise. You can answer those questions through video.

The best support videos come by listening. What are your people asking for again and again? What obstacles is your business facing? Is there an onboarding series new customers could benefit from that would also save your team time and resources?

Identifying those recurring themes will help you know what to focus your support videos on.

We love Redbooth’s quick onboarding series, which provides tips for managers and their teams to get started with their project management tools.

You could also craft a video that serves as an FAQ for your customers. For example, the online print and design pros at MOO created a quick and cheeky tutorial for best practices on their business platform. And their pro-move: Translating this into multiple languages.

3. Testimonials

You can shout from the tallest building about your brand. But the truth is, potential customers are more likely to trust success stories from people just like them. The great thing about customer testimonials is they build loyalty as you expand your business.

Case in point: Rosetta Stone’s testimonial about the power of learning even just a single word in a new language. It’s about love, and it gives us all the feels.

Another approach is to feature leaders in your field that are loyal to your brand, like Shimano did in their Staff Picked series. These very human, very inspiring interviews showcase professional athletes. And they’re beautifully shot, too.

4. Brand Story Videos

Brand story videos are where you can really be yourself. People want to know why they should choose your product over all the others on the market. So tell them. Define what makes your business unique and special. Why should someone buy your naturally dyed scarves over all the other scarves on the planet?

Looking for inspiration? California-based ceramics company, Fireclay Tile, tackles a brand story video with a simple factory tour. You can see the humans that meticulously produce their handmade products in action. What we love about this video is its low production value (music with text overlay, and no interviews or voiceovers), but you get a clear sense of the high quality and strong voice of the brand. Plus, by offering this video in both English and Spanish, they celebrate the diversity of their brand and their community.

Another way to approach a brand story video is to focus on a specific part of your mission. Is there a certain quality you want people to know about? For example, Thinx, the innovative women’s hygiene company, released a short about its ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices to give more depth to its brand mission.

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