When Adam Bierton moved back home to Rochester, New York after seven years in Brooklyn, he had a hard time adjusting to the food scene. “[In Brooklyn,] I was living next to one of the best fried chicken places,” Bierton said, “I was spoiled.” So when he couldn’t find quality fried chicken west of the Hudson River, he decided to make his own. Enter Chick’n Out.

After nine months in business, Chick’n Out partnered with local production company, Captivate Media on a promo video. We stumbled across the drool-worthy video after Bierton slid into our DMs on Instagram (literally).

We were so impressed that we wanted to get all the details on the delicious video that started it all.

Talk to us about running a pop-up.

Initially, my intention was to “pop-up” as a way to test market response, see if I knew what I was doing, and build a following. I was looking for something with a low financial commitment in terms of overhead—we make all the chicken in a kitchen off-site and sell it out of a local Rochester pub on Thursdays and Sundays. We also have a very fresh “made in house daily” menu that forces us to make a limited amount of inventory available until we sell out.

Overall, the response has been huge! We’ve had so much success with the pop-up model that we’re scouting locations for our first brick and mortar build-out.

Why did you choose to make the film?

We were always dying to capture what goes on behind the scenes at our weekly pop-ups and had played with the idea of working with a “paid” filmmaker, but the stars just aligned when Captivate Media messaged us on Instagram right after we moved into our new kitchen space.

What brought you and Captivate Media together?

What brings everyone together? Food. Captivate Media said they would do anything in exchange for us including a side of mac & cheese in their Sunday order—something we don’t usually do. They ended up putting this video together under extremely unforgiving circumstances and with zero time to plan (the filmed it during a high-volume tender sale). Needless to say, the Captivate Media team are wizards and did us an incredible solid!

What was the budget for the film?

Initially, it was two sides of mac & cheese! However, after seeing the jaw-dropping video quality and the professionalism of the Captivate Media team, we blessed them with a “Golden Egg” for life! Some background: we hide Golden Eggs around Rochester, NY, which can be exchanged for free chicken and access to skip the line during our pop-ups. Essentially, the Captivate Media team are now VIBs (Very important Birds) for life and we plan to work with them more in the future.

What was the production process like?

The film took one hour to shoot and six hours to edit. It was a one-person team, which proved challenging since we didn’t have a gaffer to move lighting around. Since they filmed it during a service, it was pretty tight quarters. There was a lot of pressure to nail the shot before the chicken was picked up by customers.

Despite the circumstance, Captivate sent us the final cut of the video in the same day!

What has the response to the video been?

Personally, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the video. We’ve also had a tremendous response since sharing it on social media—lots of comments asking about our next pop-up and wanting to know how they can get their hands on our chicken. It’s been a great way to keep people psyched for the pop-up each week.

So far, we’ve shared it on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We’ll be uploading it to our website very soon.

Are more videos on the horizon for Chick’n Out?

Cluck yeah! We’ve had some great luck working with local producers and we fully intend to keep sharing our story and growth through video content. 

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