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Blake Whitman
March 10, 2009 by Blake Whitman Alum

We're always tweaking the sprockets and greasing the chains here at Vimeo HQ, and we don't always do a great job of bringing the little changes to the surface. But that's about to change!

This Week in Vimeo brings some pretty cool additions to some of our features:

• Now you can categorize your Groups! We're gearing up to launch a new Categories feature, and we want everyone who created or moderates a Group to get a head start! You can do so in the 'settings' pages of any of your Groups and you can add up to three categories.

• We may have mentioned this before, but you can also categorize Channels now. So if you have a Channel, and you want more exposure for your Channel, add that sucker to some Categories.
• Channels now have a badge feature which allows for two things. First, if you want your Channel to ever be featured on the Channels Home page, then you need to upload a badge! Also, badges are embeddable, so you can place it on your blog or website to draw people to your sweet Channel on Vimeo.

Featured Videos!
• If you are a moderator or creator of any Channels or Groups, you can now feature videos! To do so, go to the 'settings' then 'video' and feature up to three videos.
• If you have featured your own videos on your profile page, we now display them on 'your video's' page as well for a little extra love.

• Do you have a Tumblelog on Tumblr? If not, you should! If so, then you can now follow Vimeo on Tumblr! We will be posting videos from the Staff Picks Channel, the HD Channel, as well as updates to our Blog. Follow it here!

• Do you have a Twitter account? Well, we do! Now you can follow us on Twitter too! Follow it here!

Enjoy the new features!


Matt Schwarz Staff

woo! Vimeo is not afraid to make friends with other web companies. And as always, organization is key.

Greg F.

wow... you guys are working hard for sure

i hope i have half the work ethic of vimeo someday...

Jake Carpenter

when are you guys going to release the shirts?!?!?!

Mike McHale

I love Vimeo and appreciate all the work you guys do. One request - display the HD videos in a checker board instead of the slide rule. Vimeo Rocks !

Brad S

yeahh for transparency in government! or vimeo!

Carlo Pico

I love Channels. But some times when I search for a user to add them as a moderator, the search doesnt work even if I search all of Vimeo.


Vimeo,Vimeo,Vimeo oh how I love you Vimeo,
Also Happy Birthday dallas.

Oyelaja Oyekan

Great work guys hoping to do some great work with you.

You also started supporting H.264 as it seems. You thought we wouldn't notice, did you? :D


I'm sorry, but this my favorite site on the tubes. It really is.

Daniel Hayek Staff

No need to apologize, we try to maintain this little patch of internet for all to enjoy.

Laurent Jollet

i saw your video begining with New Orleans musicians and going on all over the world.
i enjoyed it very much.
i,ll visit you again.Salutations de Versailles!

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