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This Week in Vimeo: April 30 and beyond

Katie Armstrong
April 30, 2012 by Katie Armstrong Alum

Happy Monday, all!

It's time to shake off those post-weekend blues with an invigorating jog around the scenic new Vimeosphere. Whether you've been pioneering our revamped design for months, or have yet to take the plunge into unfamiliar territory, we've made a series of tutorials to help pave the way for a smooth transition — like this walkthrough of our robust new Search!

Check out this handy Album to perfect using the Feed, Browser, Top Navigation, and more. You may even want to throw these tutorials into Couch Mode for a nonstop learn-fest!

If you're not in the mood to get all scholastic today, don't sweat it. Treat your eyes to some stellar profiles on this year's Vimeo Festival + Awards judges instead. Our latest portrait shines the light on Andy Bruntel, winner of the Music Video category in 2010 for his visual interpretation of Liars' tune "Scissor."

You can check out more judge profiles in this Album. And don't forget that tickets to the 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards are on sale now! Get 'em while the getting is good >

While we love producing professional-ish videos for Vimeo, we also enjoy making personal videos that help us remember our experiences. We recently sent Vimeo Staff members Andrea, Casey and Bill to NAB in Las Vegas, where they made a series of awesome videos interviewing the likes of Nick Campbell, Philip Bloom, Andrew Kramer, and Erik Kessler.

But that's not all! Andrea also shot a bunch of personal footage and wanted to challenge herself to experiment with a new way of editing, a method which she later deemed a Stredit, or straight edit. You can learn more and even make your own Stredit for our Weekend Project! Submissions are open until Tuesday.

Happy wandering, Vimeans! Have a great week.


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