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This Week in Vimeo- Dec 7th

Daniel Hayek
December 8, 2009 by Daniel Hayek Alum
Hello Vimeo! It's time for another edition of (drum roll please)... This Week in Vimeo! Member spotlight: [![](]( Many of you know that Vimeo is full of video professionals who use this lovely website to showcase their work including not only demo reels but also casual, everyday moments from their lives. [Megan Leigh Sweeny]( runs a production company with her husband, Brian, based out of Denver, Colorado. Megan uses Vimeo to showcase some of her independent production company's [work]( , to chronicle fun cross country [adventures](, and to document her sweet dog, [Owen](! So check out her videos to see some great camera work and editing. Featured Channels: [![](](Super Macro) [Super Macro](Super Macro) is the Channel of choice when it comes to showing the little things in life, up close and personal. If you've ever wondered what it might be like to cozy up to some insect critters this is your ticket to see them closer than is probably comfortable. You'll find yourself noting an astonishing amount of detail all from the safety of your computer screen. [![](](Split Screen Stuff) One of the great things about video is ability to see stories from different perspectives but what if you could watch multiple frames a at once!?! Enter [Split Screen Stuff ](Split Screen Stuff) the Channel. Why settle for just one camera angle or story when you can watch many at once. You'll find your attention floating from frame to frame as your mind tries to make sense of such a rich information experience. Dig in video addicts! Featured Groups: [![](](RED Users) RED cameras are technological tour de forces that capture images with a crisp detail almost hard to believe at times. Why not check out some videos shot with these powerhouse cameras that have been posted here on Vimeo? [RED Users](RED Users) is a gathering place for users and fans of these cameras to showcase their work and discuss the intricacies of shooting with such fine instruments. [![](](SkyScrapers !) It's not often that you find a Group dedicated to modern architecture on Vimeo but the [Skyscrapers](SkyScrapers !) Group is the exception. Compiling videos of some of the worlds most stunning engineering marvels this Group features a large variety of videos that highlight not only the architectural feats of these vertical palaces but also the human story behind some of today's most staggering structures. Tip of the week: Upload a Custom Thumbnail- When you upload to Vimeo our system automatically generates a selection of thumbnails from the uploaded video content. It's a great feature but what if you have a very specific image you want for a thumbnail or if you want a higher resolution image than our system can generate? By uploading your own custom thumbnail you can get a higher resolution image and it can be exactly the picture you want. This works really well for showing a title card you'd rather use or a specific frame from your video footage. To learn how to take advantage of this option just watch this [video]( made by [Matt]( and myself. Well that's it for this week. Happy explorations and have a great week everyone. Big hugs and hearts from all of us here, Vimeo


Dustin Plus

Love Vimeo as well. The community is so inspiring.


love vimeo and what you do .

Erik Dasque Plus

When are you guys rolling out the new analytics package or at least an API to get the info...

Erik Dasque Plus

It would be if that featured had not been announced again and again for the past 18 months or so.

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