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This Week in Vimeo! Feb 14th

Matt Schwarz
February 14, 2011 by Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey all,

It's once again time to dip our ladles into an amazing creative soup we call Vimeo.

First let's talk comedy with Peter Atencio. This dude makes some seriously awesome videos, I watched almost all of them! Check out my personal favorite, "Wanna See Something Cool?"

Next it's time for some love, video love that is. Since it's Valentines Day here in the US, a holiday all about love, maybe you want to show your love for another Vimeo user. Why not make a "What I Like About You" video? Just pick 3 Vimeo users and say something you like about them, then add it to the group!

Finally, still on the subject of love, check out StoryCorps. Yes it's not a channel, but some amazing animated videos depicting some really touching stories, my personal favorite being Danny & Annie.

Well that's about all the love I have in me, seriously I'm tired. Enjoy all this mushy stuff and I'll see you next time.

Hearts & XO's,



Jon Bryant Plus

Great to kick start "what I like about you" again. I may even give that a try myself!


up and running wild!!!!!



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