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This Week in Vimeo! July 12th

Taylor Doyle Gillespie

Hi y'all!

Do you like stopmotion? How about music videos? Here's some of both!

It is my pleasure to introduce Tobias Stretch, purveyor of rad.

His most recent work, a masterfully crafted video for the song "In The Summer" by Crystal Fighters is sure to melt your eyeballs from its amazingness. Be sure to also check out his video for the song "Gig" by Brian Goss, and while you're at at, all of his other videos!

Tobias' videos sure do have a lot of character, and so do the videos in Lineboil - the Boiling Hot Character Animation channel. You're sure to find something to like in here!

As if stopmotion weren't playful enough by itself, here's a group devoted to the animation of LEGOs, Brickfilms! Marvel at the blockiness! Muse at the colors! Just don't bring an open flame, because they might melt.

Watch 'til you drop,




cool stuffs !

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