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This Week in Vimeo! May 23rd

Sam Morrill
May 23, 2011 by Sam Morrill Staff

Yo Vimeo!

Amid the raucous din of the encoding machines that surround me here at Vimeo HQ, I'd like to take a moment to present you with the latest edition of 'This Week in Vimeo'.

The state of Vermont in the U.S. is known for many things: maple syrup, cheddar cheese and Champ the "Lake Monster" to name a few. Film and video, however, are not things that immediately come to mind when one conjures up an image of Vermont. There is, however, at least one Vermonter that is producing some high caliber videos. I present to you, Michael Fisher.

Michael first landed on the Vimeo radar when his short, 'ORGAN' was featured on the Vimeo HD Channel back in November. His videos are proof that oftentimes all you need to make a compelling video is a simple idea, beautiful scenery and a good eye.

While it's true that Super 8 film has an awesome vintage look that's difficult, if not impossible to replicate, it's also true that it's an expensive medium to shoot on. Fortunately, the digital Harinezumi camera merges the convenience of digital video with the quality of Super 8 film. Check out the group, Digital Harinezumi Users Unite! and prepare to be impressed.

Looking for a really, really well curated Channel? Check out 'Short of the Week', which is the Vimeo satellite of the website that bears the same name. Not only do the fine folk at 'Short of the Week' have knack for finding diamonds in the rough on Vimeo, but they also produce their own awesome videos (see: 'The Thomas Beale Cipher')

Lastly, I'd like to gently remind you all that Vimeo is dishing out FREE Plus accounts in exchange for video exporting tutorials for various editing/compression programs. We're still looking for tutorials for Avid DS, CyberLink Power Director and Photodex ProShow Gold, among others. Click here for details.

That's it for this week!



Michael Fisher Plus

Thanks Sam. Love Short of the Week. I was aware of the website but not the Vimeo Channel. Good to know.

Jim Spain

"G'day" Sam,
I'm a newbie from downunder
I write rhyme but don't make thunder.
Maybe I'll get a camera soon
then I'll really be in tune.
(c). Rimeriter.

(dip Rimeriter in the Google pond)

Andre H

peace sam, i know it is off topic... but it would be good to be able to pay by paypal... no longer premium member and am abroad credit cards expired :( no more premium for me... but would like to pay..

Rici Moore

Hi Sam,
was enjoying the staff blog and suddenly found my icon and a blank space, who could resist that - not me. It's fun getting my movie poems up, the Vimeo viewing quality is so good, and exciting looking others movies. Not a dull moment.

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