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This Week in Vimeo! May 2nd

May 2, 2011 by Mark Staff

Greetings, my friends! Here's a little somethin' for ya,

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, OH! What a day for some video watching! Right? .. Right? Hello? What do you mean you want to go outside? But I just - I just want to show you some stuff. Stick with me on this one, i'm about to make you want to sit in front of your computer for days! Trust me, you'll be fine. I'm a doctor (that's a lie).

David Friedman gives us a captivating look at those behind some of today's greatest inventions. His style is crisp, almost in a Wes Anderson-esque way and in his words, he giving us a "series of photo and video portraits of contemporary inventors from all walks of life". This is an incredible idea for a series and I wish I had thought of it first. All of the videos are great but my personal favorite is his portrait on Brent Farley. Check it out!

Hey! Who says analog is dead? Over at the 8MM HD Channel you can see all the proof that you need that film is still alive! It's a great mix of new and vintage material that's super easy to get lost in.

I don't know about you, but the Vimeo team loves abandoned places. The Abandoned Places Group features a whole slew of videos filmed in the forgotten places of this world. It's really cool to peer into areas that are totally lost in time. I suggest browsing with your lights turned off. If you're in a public place, just see if there any maitenence people around that can turn them off for you. Tell them Mark from Vimeo said it was okay.

Check out this new lesson posted in Vimeo Video School: Trimming the Fat. It'll teach you how to get rid of all that excess footage clogging up your otherwise clear and concise video. Atkins ain't going to help you this time!

Until next week...


sam spreckley

couldn't agree more.. i often share with the 8mm HD channel.. bravo! ;) ;)


thanks for the feature! i've added a whole bunch of videos today too that were waiting for months


Great post:) and comments

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