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This Week in Vimeo: May 7th

Katie Armstrong
May 7, 2012 by Katie Armstrong Alum

What's the haps, Vimeo?

Nature had us moon-eyed and mesmerized this weekend. Did you howl at that Saturday night supermoon? If you missed it, check out Turned Productions' otherworldly timelapse, shot over the central coast Pismo Beach, California.

You can see more über-lunar action from all over the world in our Supermoon 2012 Album. If you shot the big cheese in the sky, but don't see your video in the Album, add it! We'll be tweeting some of our faves today, so tune in to the Vimeo Twitter if you aren't already following us.

The Vimeo Universe also is buzzing with the release of our latest Festival + Awards judge profile on motion graphics mastermind Onur Senturk.

Onur won the Motion Graphics category at the 2010 Awards for TRI▲NGLE, and went on to work on title sequences for major motion pictures such as Transformers and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. We're honored to have Onur back as a judge this year! The 2012 Festival + Awards are about to burst at the seams with awesome, and guess what? Tickets are still available!

Speaking of awesome, solid color backgrounds (especially white or black) can help give your video a brilliant polished presentation, and aren't even that tricky to set up. Learn the basics of achieving this clean look in Black and White Backgrounds, a new lesson in the Video School.

That's the scoop for this week, folks. Peace, love, and Vimeo!


Gerty Plus

My son got a kick out of me trying to get some good shots. I decided to post the pureness of his reaction alongside my simplistic footage: . Great task, Vimeo friends!

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