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This Week in Vimeo! October 3rd

Ian Durkin
October 3, 2011 by Ian Durkin Staff

As we crisply step into old October, one cannot help but notice that there's a lot going on around here at Vimeo. We launched Vimeo Music Store, which is a fun, easy-to-use source for finding and licensing that perfect song to use in your next video. If you are looking for a little motivation to check out the Music Store, there is still time to submit to the Weekend Project - Summer's End Vidblog and win yourself a free Plus account! Why don't you download a song and make a video with your left-over summer footage? Submissions are due on Wednesday, October 5th at 11:59 PM (EST) so you better get going.

If you need help on Adding and Editing Audio to your Video, Matt wrote a great lesson that will make sure you get your bearings and are editing in no time.

We've been really into Drew Christie's work for a while and just recently got to ask him some questions to learn more about his interests and creative process!

photo: Daniel Carrillo

First thing's first, introduce yourself.
My name is Drew Christie and I am an animator and an illustrator. I live in Seattle, Washington with my girlfriend and fellow animator Amanda Moore. I have a collection of old time music instruments such as banjos, guitars, mandolins, etc.

Can you recall the first time you felt that you wanted to be involved in videos?
Playing around with our family video camera is one of my earliest memories. It was a very large Panasonic, the kind where you put a VHS tape in. I would make movies with my action figures set on my ewok fort and do the voices behind the camera. Essentially, I am still doing the same thing I was doing at the age of 5.

You have a very distinct aesthetic, it feels nostalgic. Can you tell us about this? Is there a particular time in history or area that interests you?
I am interested in just about anything old, but in particular, I am interested in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The textures and styles and instruments and sounds from that time carry me away and inspire me. I cant explain why this is- it is a total mystery to me.

Your animation 'The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln' sounds like it came about in a very D.I.Y. way, can you describe the process of working on this?
Making The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln was interesting because I made the entire thing at my old job. At this job I sat in a truck in various parking lots taking donations from people and then driving the donations to thrift stores that bought the donations. I came in contact with a lot of old science fiction paperbacks (nice aged pages) that i appropriated and animated in. I used the driver's side mirror as my lightbox. The animation ended up filling up about 12 paperbacks. I am very much interested in the lesser figures of American history.

First video you ever Liked on Vimeo?
The first video I liked was the Books Promo for STG that my girlfriend Amanda Moore made.

One Vimean that inspires you?
I like Colony

You can check out the rest of Drew's work by visiting his profile. From everyone here at Vimeo, we hope you all have a great week!


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