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This Week in Vimeo: Olympic Fever

Katie Armstrong
July 30, 2012 by Katie Armstrong Alum

Greetings, friends!

Has the Olympic torch sparked an inextinguishable flame in your heart? Have those five entwined rings awakened your dormant passion for warm-weather sports? If you're nodding your head YES while obsessively checking in a neighboring browser tab, park your eyes here for a spell — this post was written for you!

The whole World Wide Web is wild for the 2012 London Games. We're particularly fond of Slate's photo editorial of "the sometimes scrawny, frequently mustachioed athletes from the 1912 Stockholm Olympics." Just look at these dudes:

Photo via Slate

There's plenty of Games love going around in the Vimeo community as well. The Norwegian synth-poppers Casiokids have released an animated video for “Olympiske Leker” highlighting their favorite summer sports, including the oft-overlooked sport of Danse.

And if you love the video, grab the song: The band is giving it away for free over on Soundcloud!

Contrary to popular belief, there was more than one torch relay taking place in London last Friday. Some particularly prideful critters had their own opening ceremony. See for yourself:

And hey, do you think Olympic athletes can carry a tune? Grammy Award-winning producer Mark Ronson proves that they can, but perhaps not in the ways you might expect. In the Coca-Cola Company’s documentary “Move to the Beat,” follow Mark as he travels the globe with boom mic in hand, sampling sounds of the world's greatest athletes while they train for the Games.

Mark is answering your questions about Move to the Beat in a video just for Vimeo, so check back soon.

Have you come across any great Olympics-related videos lately? Show us your medal winners in the comments below.

And speaking of winning — we'll hang a free Vimeo Plus account around your neck if you come out on top in our Foley Fun Weekend Project — there's still time to submit!


Remyyy Plus

Leo's short is just pure gold !!! ("Someone has already done that one ?")

Gustavo Daher

The International Olympic Committee made Vimeo remove my video. Cheers.


You should do a weekend project for the weekend after it ends to make a video of your Olympic experience. :)

Video Britain

Hi everybody! We run a very relevant Vimeo group - - Come check it out and add a video that inspires people to explore Great Britain. Or just watch some of the amazing videos people have added! Thanks.

Storyhunter PRO

After qualifying to represent Ecuador at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, 19-year-old boxing super heavyweight Ytalo Perea must juggle the roles of an olympic athlete and father figure to his two younger sisters.

Root for Ytalo as he fights tomorrow!!



Publicis Dublin PRO

Checkout these olympic idents done by Cadbury Ireland.
They use motion captures of real athletes from famous Irish olympic moments to generate what I can only describe as motion sculptures.

Eric Nathan Guel

Love the concentration, esp. with that guy with the arrow.

Sam Jack Gilmore Plus

You might find this interesting (or not).

But I'm the animator working on delivering the Royal Mail olympic stamp ads to the London underground. Royal Mail is printing stamps for every gold medalist so you can keep a collection. So for every team GB gold medalist, we make one of these.

Collect yours today!

Mahya Soltani

Cool stuff!

Here is a short animation I made about the traditional "Olympic Truce" inspired by three of the most significant values of the Olympic, "Equality" , "Friendship" and "Respect". This piece is a stop motion animation made of paper cut outs.

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