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Upgraded mobile features!

Andrew Pile
October 10, 2011 by Andrew Pile Alum

It's hard to believe, but almost two years have passed since we introduced our mobile site. Mobile devices have come a long way since then, and to get with the times, we have a nice list of improvements we're launching today!

What's new:

Search! Yes, you can finally search Vimeo! I can't believe this was missing either.

Watch Later. Now you can add videos to your Watch Later queue or browse and play back videos you've previously added. This feature is perfect for when you don't have time to watch a long video, or you have an unreliable connection. Just add the video to your queue and play it back later on a computer, TV, or set top box like the Apple TV. Boom!

Many more videos work! We've made a ton more videos mobile-compatible and for those of you lucky enough to have an iOS or Android device purchased within the past two years, pretty much everything in your inbox, Watch Later or Likes should be playable.

A refined look with lots of pretty animations and optimizations for faster page loads.

If you have a compatible phone, go give it a test drive by heading to and let us know what you think.

As before, the mobile site works best on Android or iOS phones. Also, we already have an iPhone App which has a ton of other great features. And to preemptively answer your questions, yes, we are actively working on an Android and iPad app.

If you're having trouble, our support staff is happy to help over in the Help forum.

Thanks and enjoy!


Mark Friesen Plus

That would be wonderful indeed! Too bad the Apple TV's in Holland aren't yet connected to the world of Vimeo.

@Vimeo Staff: any idea why this is? And when can we expect some Vimeo-love in Holland? :)

David Roussel

Vimeo on Apple TV works in UK, so it's definately not USA only.


I'm from spain and it works here too. I've got an AppleTV 2. Did you update the software, Mark?


I have an older iPod touch so the App doesn't work for me. So I LOVE the new mobile features. Thanks vimeo!

Joshua Davis

looks great! At least now SOMETHING on my android phone will look polished.


Thank you Vimeo! I love it!

Will Gallego Plus

Very cool. Thanks, I needed that...too many times I could not watch or save for later some great work when browsing on my smartphone.

Eric Marciniak

How come only 3 of my videos play back on my LG Optimus One? The rest say they can't be played back on the device.

Nicholas Gomez

Great news! Thanks Vimeo!! Can't wait to see what you roll out for the iPad in the future.


Mmmmm... Guys, I'd like to celebrate too but... iPhone App is so freaking leaky!! It consumes memory realy fast and HAVE TO BE FIXED. Hope new iPad App will be much better!


Well, I still hope so)) just can't wait - it's been so long since last update (( anyway vimeo is great but I want it to be even greater))

Rob Hnasko

sad that i have to pay money to view files on my android phone. looks like those videos will have to go to competing video providers that support the web.
At least the Roku interface is decent, which is why i am back on Vimeo.

Özcan Çelik

I have Vimeo app on my iPhone but i prefer using new mobile site. It's faster than app. Thank you Vimeo.


I prefer using mobile site too.
It's really faster than an app yet.

Tahlia Espenscheid

Will get to it as soon as i get my Iphone. haha. keep up the GREAT work Vimeo!!

JH Park

Great !!!!! Mobile View Nice !

Alex White

Any date about Android app?
And how about supporting video editor on Android?

Efehan Plus

Windows phone! Windows vimeo! Vimeo phone! Vindows Phimeo!

I got confused, but man would we ever love that.

Mark-A Plus

only on iphone ? i got the new bold 9900!

Alex Marinica

Here's something funny. I upgrade to PLUS so I can get the advantage of being able to show people things on the spot, on a phone, without need for a PC/MAC.
But does it work? No, it doesn't work on a Samsung Galaxy SII, you know the fastest Android phone out there. Nope, I have to go to the normal website and then click on watch in couch mode in order to see my videos, which I could do even before I upgraded to plus.
How about you advertise features that actually work?

Zachary Herche

It never works my DROID anymore
...even as afamily plus user? No bueno

Tad Marshall Plus

Why are my vimeo videos that I have embedded on my blog not playable on my motorola droid bionic phone?

TONYBOT Video Productions Plus

out of the box, my Samsung Galaxy S2 was seemingly playing all the mobile videos really nicely, but then one day, no longer. Says "Cannot play video. Sorry this video cannot be played". Any ideas, maybe a setting in the phone.

Sid Keiser

interesting...the mobile site does not work on my Motorloa Droid X. But it works best on Android phones?

Tony Anastasi

I still feel that all videos should be encoded for mobile off the bat, this is the ONLY feature thats letting your entire service down.. youtube and a billion other smaller sites do it off the bat for their free accounts, I think you should revisit the matter internally sooner not later :) as mobile video is growing at a massive rate if you look at you tubes stats for mobile use, its on the up n up !

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