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Upgrades to the profile page and online status

Casey Pugh
August 28, 2008 by Casey Pugh Staff

If you go to your settings page you'll notice a new section called "Profile page". Here, you can customize which 3 videos appear on your profile page as well as replace your portrait with a video (they have to be your own videos). We've also cleaned up the profile page design a bit.

We've also modified the "online now" feature. If a user has been active on Vimeo in the past few minutes, their portrait will have a light blue border. We've actually had this for a long time but it was previously a boring grey border and wasn't documented, so it's kind of like a new feature!


filmotive Plus

Thank you for the information. It would be great if you could fix the problems replacing the videos. The "replace video" function is really usefull and one of your better services, not given by others. Don't make it useless!!!
In all cases, thank you and congratulations for your work. Vimeo is a great place for films and videos.

Andrew Wilson Plus

I agree. After you release Vimeo Plus, this should be a main priority. New features are nice, but what's the use when current features need developing or fixing?

dalas verdugo Staff

We usually have a pattern of releasing big things, then taking some time to do intensive bugfixing. I imagine after Plus is released we will be able to do some serious squashing.

filmotive Plus

Ok!! That's fine. Thank you.
Good luck with the Plus release and later lifetime!
PD: Congratulations to the whole crew for the succesfull data migration.

Soxiam Staff

we've decided to retire that feature for now. while it was fun to offer something like that it just didn't gain much traction among the users.

like everything else on vimeo, this new release was just a step forward. we already have some cool ideas on making the profile page even more customizable in the future. it's just matter of finding some time to devote to it.


"favorite contacts"??
where was that???

Underground Planet Plus

I never even saw that feature, maybe folks didn't know about it and thats why it didn't gain traction.


yeah that was cool

Michael Altino

Not bad. I must of caught a rough version just before. I click my profile and then again only seconds later to see it had changed two times!


thank you sirs, for all the work. glad to see we can choose a video for our profile like before!! Cupcakes are deserved and now that I'll actually have money and a working car; that can happen!!

rick fiduccia Plus

Nice upgrade being able to pick feature videos for the profile page.


Vimeo gets sexier everyday.


Vimeo is the best in the world !!!!
I love you guys,

Andrea Allen PRO

Mine's the best. Thanks to you vimeo pimps for making it possible!


Damn you people.

Soxiam Staff

second best compliment ever. the first being (sorry, i forget who it was) who simply said "you guys just make sense."

Bryan Woods Plus

This is all great, but the actual profile picture I think its unecessarily too big. No one has pictures that size on the web. Everyone's used to forum size around 100x100 or 50x50. So if someone uploads their icon they use all over the net and it happens to be 50x50 (like mine) it gets horribly pixellated as the code tries to stretch the image. Any way there could be a feature to keep smaller icons from being stretched in the profile picture?

Soxiam Staff

honestly i think the big ass photo is the best part about the vimeo profile page.

Underground Planet Plus

lmao, yea Sox, and the videos here on Vimeo are just to freekin big, can we make em smaller like on YouTube and other sites?

Bryan, it's called Photoshop.

Bryan Woods Plus

"Bryan, it's called Photoshop." Oh reaaaally. It appears you don't get that a small image, blown up in size via any image processor, will come out extremely pixellated unless is a vector image. My image, is not vector, and was originally made for forums, hence its 50x50 size. So clearly photoshop will not help me out with my currently problem here.

Casey Pugh Alum

I think our HD quality video is unnecessarily too big as well. :)

Bryan Woods Plus

Yeah, thats great. I offer a critique about a feature of the site, and get slapped in the face with patronizing comments by the community and staff. Thanks guys, keep up the good work. I'll remember to keep my mouth shut next time I feel the urge to critique something on Vimeo.

Angel Torres

50x50 pixels are too small man... Get in the new age, This is Vimeo not a V-Bulletin Forum.

Keep up the good work guys, and if Vimeo Plus is cooking up, I'm definitely in! And that's the first time I'm willing to go premium on a web-site. ;)

Underground Planet Plus

Bryan, your request was funny, sorry if you took offense to my response. But to your point, if you can't see that it's a bit ridiculous for you to request that a site build itself around your images shortcomings, well, I don't know what to tell you. I am very aware of the differences between vector and non-vector images. What doesn't make sense is that you started with an image that was 50x50. And yes, there is a way in PHOTOSHOP that you can keep your image from being uprezed. Simply make an image 300x300 and put your 50x50 image in the middle of it, with a white background it will blend with your page. Wow, how cool is that? Furthermore your tiny logo would be pretty easy to recreate in PHOTOSHOP were you to just try.

And if I seem a wee bit curt in this reply it is in response to your annoyed disposition and seeming inability to find a simple workaround couple with your immediate rejection of my suggestion you use Photoshop to deal with your issue. Forgive me for assuming that since on your profile you state you are a "visual effects artist" I had some degree of faith in your ability to figure it out on your own.

Bryan Woods Plus

Ugh, see? This is horrible. You're completely misunderstanding me. This is incredibly infuriating. When in my original comment did I ever ask for vimeo to build its self around my personal preferences?! All I asked was the possibility of adding another option! Thats all it was! I'm not demanding vimeo to conform to my needs, it was a simple suggestion! And yet here you and others are, quick to judge, ready to pounce on any comment that may strike you strange.

I made that icon. Years ago. I don't feel like going back and making it bigger or altering it in any way. Its not worth my time! So I thought i'd suggest the option to keep the code from stretching images smaller than the default size.

Really. Thats it. Thats all it ever was. It. Was. A. Simple. SIMPLE. Suggestion. Its not like if I don't get my way I'll leave vimeo or something. Something like this is so trivial its ridiculous. I suggest to YOU, seeing how you're probably many years older than me, perhaps more experienced than me in one area of film or another, that you tone down your attitude and be more professional and not so quick to judge. You're acting like a child.

Underground Planet Plus

lol, my bad Bryan, I guess I didn't understand what you were saying. Its easier for them to change the coding site wide then for you to take five minutes to fix your icon and that they should make this change because you don't feel like changing it cuz it's not worth your time. Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake but thanks for the clarification, I stand corrected.


Personally, I like Bryans icon very much.. And I don´t mind that it is pixelated - actually, I think it´s pretty cool!

but that´s just me......

Andrew Wilson Plus

Oh my god, that is the coolest thing EVER! I'd donate all my goats and hamsters to you guys for adding the video portrait feature... if I had any of those. XD I didn't know you could upload videos at that resolution, though. Or even create them, for that matter. :S Hats off to Karen for that vid! :D Loving the new profile page look, too! Great upgrade.

Vision One Films

Yep, way cool. No pressure. How am I supposed to make a profile page after that?????


looks great

mike pulcinella

Replace video is one of the most important features of Vimeo. That's MY vote!

Eric Buist Plus

one giant high five for you guys, now i have the video that my old profile picture was from as the portrait video!

best feature ever!!

Soxiam Staff

we brought back the portrait video feature just for you patrick so that you may choose any one of your videos *cough* bathroom rockstar *cough* to showcase on your profile page.

Casey Pugh Alum

*cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*

Soxiam Staff

one more thing i want to add... if you click on anyone's avatar it will now indicate whether the person is logged in or not by displaying "online".



I've wanted featured videos for a looong time!

I LOOOOVE the new profile page!!

I have one problem, what happened to the "on you" part of the "Recent activity"??

Casey Pugh Alum

We decided to simplify the activity module for the profile, but things like "on you" still exist on the activity tab of your home page.


Found it! (I didn't know you could see the 'on you' section in the activity module)

thanks for the quick reply :)

Larry Ransom

Looks awesome guys. Can't wait for PLUS and Channels 2.0.

Thanks Vimeo!


gr8. thx a lot!

Robert-Jon Eckhardt

Oh My!!

I'm not really a big fan of the new Rounded Colored Rectangles on the profile page actually... doesn't look as sleek as the rest of the site. What's the idea behind the amusement-park design?

The profile-video is great though. I'm making a new video especially for that. :D

Andrew Pile Staff

They're rounded because they're link button, it's a convention around most of the site.

Robert-Jon Eckhardt

It's not the roundedness of the corners i dislike. It's more the bulkyness and all the different colors.

Soxiam Staff

sorry to hear you find it disagreeable with your taste. one of the design issues we were trying to solve with this release was people are still asking us questions like "where do i find more than 3 videos on my profile page?".

bold colors are used throughout vimeo (such as the headings) to draw user's attention and also to differentiate different sections within a page. the use of colored buttons were sort of an extension of that with the same purpose.

Robert-Jon Eckhardt

Hmmm ok, well that makes sense. Well it's good to know that it serves a purpose. Makes it easier to swallow ;)

btw, let me take the opportunity to compliment you on the community and staff involvement at vimeo. I find it extraordinary.

Soxiam Staff

thanks. trust me when i say it's only because you folks are engaged and encouraging us with your involvement.


Fantastic! You guys are doing great work!

Suzanne Broughton Plus

Looks good. Totally different from anything else out there.

I lost my "Groups." Everyone else looks like they have their groups still--was there a meeting or something?

Soxiam Staff

yes the groups and channels listing was one of the modules we've decide to retire in this release. we have some ideas in the work for the next release of the profile page which will include the ability for users to showcase any content they want (videos, groups, channels, contacts, etc.) so most likely the feature will come back then.

Suzanne Broughton Plus

Thank you for your reply. I'm really happy with Vimeo. You guys are doing a great job.

thunker54 Plus

Would be nice to have the option to sort one's videos by "most recently viewed"


hmm... i didn´t like it..
where´s the 'recent activity on you' (profile page)??

How will I know if one of my videos was liked?

That feature took forever to load (at least on my computer), but it was a good feature. Don´t remove it, please.

Casey Pugh Alum

We decided to simplify the activity module for the profile, but things like "Activity on you" still exist on the activity tab of your home page.


ah, ok!

Michael Brodner Plus

Dude!!!!! Love love LOVE the new home page! I love the "contacts grid" you made.

John Painter

Much smoother interface, thank you Vimeo!


Vimeo is really great! .. and it would be great if the counter of how often the video was played, work again! :-)


the new profile page is way better. you still need to fix the home page. It's kind of hard keep track of my subscribed groups and channels - they are 2 steps behind the videos menu, I think they deserved more evidence. just my 2 cents.

Soxiam Staff

i am not sure if you aware of...

* the default "all subscriptions" menu in your inbox will display newly added videos on channels and groups you are subscribed to.
* you can further filter your inbox by selecting "channel subscriptions" or "group subscriptions" from the said menu.
* you can access to the list of channels and groups you moderate/subscribe to from the top nav bar.


hi Soxiam.
I know that, but I dont mean just new subscriptions. I like to visit the channel/group pages, as they have other features than the submitted videos, and I think the access could be easier. in the top nav bar, I first see only channels I moderate. most people dont moderate lots of channels, so why dont show moderated AND subscribed videos right in the first page, and not hidden in a filter combo? maybe you find this peanuts, but I think it's sensitive - I never find my good damned channels : )


total stupid question but can we change the backgrond of our homepage like youtube??
i mean change the white page and add a pic ^^

anyway great work, vimeo is awesome!

Soxiam Staff

no, we do not offer background color or background image customization on the profile page.


ok very thx for infos!

matthew strong Plus

hey, i'm not being funny guys, but ever since the changes on vimeo, its been a real pain to seems slower and things are not uploading as good as they used to for me, and my stats are all off, etc etc, pages take ages to load, then they go blank.

i love vimeo guys, i just want to know if it is me or others have had similar. and don't worry, i'll pay when that comes around so i'm here for the ride, but it does seem like my account has been hacked. again. has all the signs. paranoia and design, nice mix.
thanks in advance

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