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Video 101: Adding Transitions & Effects with iMovie

Daniel Hayek
January 15, 2013 by Daniel Hayek Alum

Transitions and effects can be very useful tools to stylize your video…. when used in moderation. Going overboard with transitions and effects will distract your viewer and make your video look corny. I mean, how many star wipes do you really want to sit through?

Adding transitions in iMovie is simple. Click on the transitions icon beneath the viewer. It’s the square icon made up of four triangles. You can then drag whichever transition you choose to the space in between any two clips. This will apply the transition.

To add effects to an audio or video clip, hover over the clip and select Clip Adjustments. There you’ll see buttons for both video and audio effects. You can preview an effect by mousing over it. Click on an effect to select it and then click done to apply it.

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Leslie Ching

You make me want to get a Mac now. Argh!

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