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Video Editing 101: wrangling iMovie, Premiere, and more

Andrea Allen
May 19, 2015 by Andrea Allen PRO

Hi friends,

If you frequent Vimeo’s web pages, you probably like watching and making videos. And if you’ve moved beyond the single-clip upload and tried your hand at editing, you’ve likely run into some snags along the way. But luckily, the Vimeo community has always been great about teaching each other,and sharing helpful tips and tricks. Inspired by this everyday collaboration, we made Vimeo Video School the home base for learning how to make better videos — no matter your skill level may be.

Vimeo Video School now proudly offers our premium Video Editing 101 series for four different editing programs — taught by Vimeo members and special guest professors, Tony Bari and Seth Wharton — to all members, and for FREE. That’s right, our editing expertise is on the house.

Video Editing 101: iMovie

Video Editing 101: Windows Movie Maker

Video Editing 101: Final Cut Pro X

Video Editing 101: Adobe Premiere

We’ve broken each series into chapters, so it’s easy to find all the answers to your most baffling editing questions. We’ll be adding more soon, so if your preferred editing software isn’t featured yet, check back later this year! Or maybe every week. Or every day. We just like seeing your face.

Happy editing!


Николай Соломатк

iMovie в моём iPad 5 как раз есть.
А программы компании Adobe я как раз изучаю.

Mark Bellusci PRO

I'm agree with Dexter. Would love to see some for Sony vegas pro.

Christian Brissa Plus

Pas de tuto pour Lightworks ?
Je n'ai ni Mac ni 60€ par mois pour Premiere :)

Robert Michaels

Nice tutorial! It works pretty great, but I always preferred editing with VideoStudio Pro because I can easily share them like this: basically instantly after I edit them
I think it would be useful to see what could be done with thid editor :)

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