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View videos quicker with the all-new Vimeo channel for Roku

Nick Alt
August 14, 2014 by Nick Alt Alum

Earlier this month, we passed our Apple TV peeps an awesomely updated viewing experience. And now it's the Roku clan's turn to receive. Our completely redesigned Roku channel makes it even easier to imbibe buckets of amazing videos on Vimeo.

When you log in to Vimeo, you’ll see the Staff Picks Channel and Vimeo On Demand Collections right smack on the homepage. Also notice the presence of your own videos, likes, and Watch Later queue, all awaiting absorption.

You may notice that Vimeo looks a little different from other Roku channels. That’s because our developers customized the standard template to create something extra-optimized for your eyeballs. Later this year, we'll add even more features to improve your viewing experience. Keep those antennae tuned!

The new Vimeo for Roku is available right now for free when you go to the Roku Channel Store from your home screen. Take it for a spin, and let us know how it feels. We think you’ll be a little drunk in love with this one.

Don't have a Roku? We have Vimeo apps for all kinds of TVs, phones, tablets, and consoles.


vj chris

Hi Tommy - I hate to disappoint everyone at Vimeo, but the NEW channel does NOT work on Roku! As you can see from the posts on this blog and across the Roku blogs, people are fed up. I contacted Vimeo over a week ago - and got NO response. I am a paid VimeoPlus Member who joined so I could watch my video work on my HDTV. I will not be renewing if they don't fix the issue.

Sean Abouttown

I'm having the same exact issue. It DOES NOT WORK. It gets stuck on vimeo.

Jessica Thigpen

How do you get the videos to play continuously? On the old version you could select "play all my likes" Is there an option for this on the new version?

Thom Parks

I am really missing the "play all" feature as well. The UX does have a nice shine but the features I use the most for discovery seem to be either missing or buried some where too deep to find.


Yes. It would be great if they could bring back the play all option

Frankie Palatas

I'm missing the "Play All From My Likes" feature also. When will it be added back?

Rogue Valley TV

Vimeo staff promised to restore the "play from likes" feature elsewhere on this Forum over a month ago. Where is this restored feature?

Frankie Palatas

I'm missing the "Play All From My Likes" feature also. When will it be added back?

Randy Wright

Sorry but the new format is horrible The login/search grid is all but unreadable as the text is too small. Not everyone has a HD 50" screen. Also miss the 'other videos from this poster'.

tim charles

The Roku remote app keyboard doesn't work, and the text input is laid out alphabetically, which makes logging in and searching a disaster. But after that, using the watch later feature (you'll need to use another device to find videos), it's fine.

Ryan Skeete Plus

What Tim said above about the keyboard, super annoying. I also find that after I watch a video and navigate to a different section, say watch later etc the app hangs and doesn't play videos anymore. When I click on the video I get the blue circle thingy but then the screen goes back to the video thumbnail. I have to quit out of the app and come back in…. the new update LOOKS good but it's super buggy.

marK harstoN

Love love love Vimeo....but STAFF....please add the "Couch Mode" or continuous mode to the ROKU app. I sometimes I just want to play every video in a collection since most clips are very short.

I would even take back the Play All option. Anything! Pleeeeeeeease

Ryan Skeete Plus

Probably not the right place for this particular comment but on the iOS app, there should be an easy way to get to Staff Picks and maybe "Collections" just like the new Roku app. Right now we just have "My Videos" , "Watch Later" , "Feed" & "Likes". There should be another button for at least "Staff Picks".

Cecil Thornhill

My experience so far is very poor. The lack of the features to see other videos from the source and details in the watch now is missing and was super useful to me. The fact is many videos are not working now, and the interface appears to hang a lot on my Roku 2 box. Overall the old interface worked fine, unlike the new one - big fail for me. The idea is nice, but the execution is very weak. Sorry, but you made Vimeo pretty useless for me now on Roku. I hope it gets some attention and fixes.

Rogue Valley TV

Agreed. The previous interface was very useful and the "new and improved" is actually a detriment.

F E Campbell

I dislike the new Roku format. You can not "play all" in any categories, you can not easily view other videos produced by an particular artist that you enjoy and admire their work. There are no descriptions of the videos listed which I felt were helpful deciding what to watch. I truly enjoy the videos I collect in my "likes" and would watch them by selecting "play all" and that can not be done anymore therefore I will probably not use Vimeo as often or at all. You have attempted to improve our experience in Vimeo but have neglected all the good points of the old format. The new format is a great disappointment. By the way, the spinning wheel while loading a video is super annoying.

Frankie Palatas

I'm missing the "Play All From My Likes" feature also. When will it be added back?

Robert Kirkpatrick Plus

Not sure where to share this, but most of the videos hang on my Roku 2. I can maybe play one out of every three videos, and it's completely random. I only get the spinning loading logo.

walt gold smith

This new vimeo for roku BLOWS..the WATCH LATER & LIKE buttons on videos I already like and videos I'm currently viewing are useless and redundant, How bout a DELETE & MORE VIDEOS BY AUTHOR would be waaaay better and useful....please offer a classic version to use ...yes and No PLAY ALL option sucks as well....git cho shiznit to getha
And the COLLECTIONS option? NOt useful, same as staff picks it seems....please work on this ASAP biotches!

SI Media

Please! Bring back the old version, this version won't even start up on my ROKU 2. Tried reinstalling, rebooting, throwing across the room and a large hammer, nothing works

PR Man

the new version is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!
Too bad you had to "upgrade" - IT'S HORRIBLE in every way
loads slow, can't manage videos, no preview, horrible layout
why oh why did you "upgrade" -
do your developers not test things in the real world?
please go back

Byrd's Loft Films Plus

The upgraded channel crashes/reboots my Roku HD every time I try to watch any video. Hw 2500X, sw 5.5

vj chris

Same issue, same model. New version has NEVER worked.

Byrd's Loft Films Plus

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Vimeo roku channel and it is still broken. I am disappointed to see Vimeo staff doesn't even care enough to acknowledge they have released a Roku version that doesn't work.

Mark Hernandez


Please bring back the 'Play all from my Likes' ability to my Roku. That is the main reason I even have a Roku in the first place. Get to play a continuous and looping show of my favorite Vimeo videos.


The new interface is basically not useable without that. If I wanted to watch a single video at a time, I'd just use my laptop.

Jonathan Fuentes Plus

I don't post things like this normally but this is beyond ridiculous. Every single time you guys post a new version of any app you make it never properly works. Never. Your website works fine. Your apps look great and should work in theory. My roku updated your channel and honestly when I got the notice of the update I was upset because I knew this wouldn't work. I turned on my roku and it wouldn't sign into my (paid) account. I removed the channel and reinstalled and now I can sign in. BUT NONE OF MY VIDEOS LOAD, NONE OF THE STAFF PICS LOAD, AND TWO OF THE VIDEOS IN MY FEED LOAD. There has to be a better way. I don't even use your IOS app anymore because it doesn't work. I write this to you as my tv has a loading symbol with a squiggling bar within a circle. In the time I wrote this, nothing has loaded. This makes me sad since I hold your site in such a high regard.
I hope you read this and consider making a change. Perhaps releasing new software with more testing.

vj chris

My sentiments as well.


Just bring back the old look. Improvements should be better, easier, more simple, etc. but now it is more difficult to access what I want.


Also after I located the channel I wanted, there were videos in the list that were not associated with the channel I selected.

David Tartaglia

I have a Roku LT. Search and login screens are tiny. Search function is useless. And when clicking through my Likes, the system aborts on the 19th selection.

And the new user interface is just plain ugly.

Luna Moon

I cannot logon to new Vimeo for Roku...sad!

Tony Webber

This is very much a downgrade for me. I like to be able to click on a video first to read the description and then decide if i'm going to play it. Now it just plays automatically, very annoying!

Also the option to see other videos from the user has gone and to add or remove from my watch list has been made harder than it needs to be.

I can't use it anymore so I will have to resort to Youtube instead.


First, the video was faster. That is nice. However, I deleted a video from my "later" folder on the computer and noticed it was still on my ROKU (Which was open when I deleted it from my computer) and now the ROKU does not work with vimeo. I have deleted vimeo on the ROKU and re-installed as well as restarted my ROKU. As soon as I sign back on it says "Welcome Mark" then kicks me out. When I go to get back in the blue vimeo screen comes up and crashes right there. Bummer! Also, when I would watch a video and want to remove it from watch later I would always forget to click back up. So when I go to watch the next video I actually delete it from watch later. Is there anyway to program the ROKU channel to go back to the video once you click "watch later" tab? I do appreciate the ROKU channel! Thanks. Hope it gets working soon.

HawkeAI Plus

The vimeo channel is also not working on my Roku HD. It load ex long enough for me to log in, but the inseam my watch later and favorites lists load, it kicks me back to the Roku channel screen. Nothing I've tried can make it work. And here I thought that vimeo was better than YouTube. At this point the jury is divided. Please make it possible for me to still think vimeo is better.

HawkeAI Plus

Okay, my soft keyboard is smarter than me again.

Load ex : loaded
Inseam : instant

Grace Community - Glen Rose, TX PRO

This a step backward in functionality. My searches no longer save, yet, there is an option to clear them...what am I clearing again? When I search for things I used to search for, they are not found. If I can find them by a common word in all of them, they are no longer listed in order like they used to be. When you are searching for a show in a series, this is important to the viewer. There is no option to find everything from a certain producer. I don't know if it is just not finished and not ready for prime time, or, if the "good idea fairy" just strikes again. Bring the old one back, or at least bring back the functionality of the old one.


This is a major step backwards. I used to really enjoy adding any and every staff pick and video that looked interesting, then watch on my TV. If I didn't like a video I'd just "Remove from Watch Later" with a click of a button. Now it seems I have to curate from my computer?

This is a common problem across all Vimeo services. Vimeo puts "looking cool" ahead of functionality.

Limitrophe Films PRO

All I can get is the blue Vimeo home screen on Roku 3. Have rebooted multiple times.

Jud Pratt Plus

I had the channel up long enough to log in to my Vimeo account once... upon entering my password it gave me a quick 'welcome screen' or something of the like. I couldn't really read it as it almost immediately crashed out to the Roku home screen.

From then on, it just hangs on the Vimeo splash screen. :-(


i first logged into vimeo on my iphone with facebook. i would like to log in to vimeo on my facebook in roku but it appears impossible. please help!

Byrd's Loft Films Plus

Is someone from Vimeo even going to respond here on the "staff blog"and acknowledge the Roku upgrade is having issues?

brian, scannell

I absolutely HATTE the new vimeo channel on roku!!!
I can't watch my likes one after another and it takes forever to load video's.
Can I have Vimeo classic back!

Max Logan PRO

I've been waiting and waiting. Still hangs or crashes Roku on my generation 1 and 2 boxes. I am really missing being able to stream Vimeo.

Max Logan PRO

I agree they know it's a big problem, but never thought it would take weeks to solve.

Sean Abouttown

I have a Roku HD (3) I believe and 2 the new Roku app does not work. It gets hung up on the splash screen. I've tried everything, I work in tech I know it's not working.

TeenAIDS PeerCorps

Sean, Same exact thing here. Using my Roku2 it just crashes. Super buggy version. Needs to be fixed asap. The app is not made for Roku's hardware config.

Sean Abouttown

I tweeted at both Vimeo and Roku. Vimeo finally responded and suggested I contact their customer service (which I did). I suggest you do both Tweet them Vimeo/Roku and hit up Vimeo customer service.

@VimeoStaff , @RokuPlayer

Matthew Abaya Plus

Congrats Vimeo the new interface is like when Coke changed its formula. PLease return it back features available in the old interface. I can't log on to my account via Roku due to some password link issue on the system. Since I pay for a Vimeo account and I don;t have reliable access on my content on rokuplayer I would say that this new system is a fail. Please fix it ASAP so i can continue to support Vimeo.

Ed Norris

Giant leap backwards - removed existing features ("more videos by this user" and "play all") and replaced it with basically nothing useful. At the same time that YouTube has added a decent Roku channel that will play videos all day. Is there a secret button sequence to do the things that made this channel cool?

Blasst Plus

Viimeo is still not working on my roku. It just hangs when trying to play a video. Please get this fixed, its been going on far to long for paying members.

Sandra Calone Plus

IT DOES NOT WORK on Roku 2 ! What a waste :( go back to the old app!!!!! This is the whole reason we paid for vimeo.

Pete Kingston

I cant get it to work on a Roku 2 or my Roku 3. Re-installed it several times, it just hangs on the opening screen of the app. I cant even log into my Vimeo account. Very disappointing.

Linda StJ

I also do not like that videos no longer have any info attached or the option to see more videos by the artist. I really liked that function. And now I have to decide by looking at a thumbnail picture whether the video seems interesting. Bad deal.


I love this app. For whatever reason (I have no idea) it works great on my Roku 3, as it did on my old one. My only complaint is my Vimeo album doesn't show up in the Roku app, so I can't access it. Was that by design or something amiss?

David Donald

Works on my Roku 2 HD but the app crashes or exits every time a video in a collection plays. Just takes me straight to main Roku screen. I also wish there was a More From This User function.

LBC Xenia Plus

Same here, it worked one time, and now it goes straight back to the main menu.

Rob McCoy

Is there a way to see content creators which I have followed on the Roku app?

The Hunted PRO

About to make my film's advance screening available on Vimeo, but this Roku screwup is a deal breaker. Why aren't you guys listening or responding?

Jenni Bearden

Does anyone know how I get a Vimeo video to play on the Roku? I have a private one with password protection pulled up on my PC, but want to watch it on the Roku tv. With YouTube, it comes up with an icon that I select to tell it to just play on the tv after I've linked it, but I cannot even figure out how to link devices on Vimeo. Thanks for any help!

Robert Marshall

I'm having a couple of issues with the Roku channel so far tonight. I have one video in my account. When I select it, the Roku channel blows up and kicks me out to my main Roku interface. I have tried this multiple times, and the result is the same every time. I haven't tried uploading a different video to see if that works yet.

Bigger issue I'm having is that there doesn't seem to be a way to watch any of the other people I have "followed" when in my Roku account. My church has a Vimeo account, and so I naturally followed the church. It is listed as my following when I look at my Vimeo account on a computer. However, I cannot find any way of bringing it up in my Roku Channel app. I can find them on the iPhone app, though they're buried over there. You really need to work on your interface unless I'm missing something.

Leon Fairley

I am having the same issue as Robert except when I try to play any video in Roku channel I am being kicked out of the app. Regardless of Staff Pick, On Demand or my owned videos.

Pike Home Movies

Roku streaming stick... Vimeo channel loads, but videos don't play (just spinning blue circle). Huge disappointment.

Dave Fleming

Ridiculous. I'm logged in on both the app and the Roku channel. Stupid app can't find my Roku device. Takes two seconds for the YouTube app to find it!

Mark Ostrander

Hey Vimeo, WTF? I see that the Roku app has been a useless piece of shit for two years and apparently you guys don't care. Why is it that I'm unable to locate any of the videos that I've purchased on the app? Hello? Are you guys even listening? Get off your asses and fix this abomination or just remove it all together if you have no intention on fixing it.

ben baldwin

Vimeo Roku app does not support basic captioning for videos in a foreign language. I'm out $20 for a collection of Italian videos.

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