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Vimeo and CNN together at last

Andrea Allen
March 16, 2011 by Andrea Allen Staff

Howdy Vimeans,

It's our last day at SXSW and as we pack up our camera equipment and cowboy boots, we reflect on how awesome SXSW Interactive was. We met dozens of Vimeo members, hosted a screening of Vimeo's top notch short films, had a panel to discuss DSLR video innovation, and threw what many are calling the best SXSW party this year!

But of course the best part of any festival is meeting up and collaborating with your peers. This year Vimeo and CNN teamed up to show SXSW and Austin in a way that looks and feels more like the creative work you'd see on Vimeo rather than a TV news broadcast. Six members from the Vimeo community joined five CNN iReporters to make SXSW: By the numbers -- a beautiful glimpse into the weirdness of Austin and excitement of SXSW.

The video is being shown on and don't be surprised if you see it on TV too!

Don't miss our last screening tonight at the Vimeo Theater. We're kicking off the music portion of SXSW with The Rhythm Image -- Music Videos From Vimeo starting at 4:30p.m.

Be sure to join the SXSW Group to see more great stuff from our six Vimeo members turned bona fide CNN reporters and many more videos from SXSW 2011.


Angeline Gragasin Plus

Kudos for trying something new. Would've preferred to hear some on-location sound, the music track chosen was kind of generic and monotonous. Didn't really feel a strong sense of rhythm or excitement, felt like a pretty standard DSLR "street" video, one that could have been made anywhere by anyone, not necessarily "VIMEO at SXSW!!!!" which is what I would have expected. I guess most of my qualms are with the editing.

But to each his own. Still appreciate the fact that you guys are trying something new, and inviting Vimeo users to participate in original, sponsored content creation. What a great opportunity!

Andrea Allen Staff

Some valid critique there, but for the amount of time the editor had to work with (he had many other projects going at the same time) and the hours of raw footage to go though -- not to mention making the motion graphics, I think it was more than a solid piece. I'm really impressed with his work, and think it's a great start to our relationship.

It shows moments, and that was the intention!

Andrea Allen Staff

Also, we are doing our own Vimeo at SXSW video which will be uploaded later this week!

Angeline Gragasin Plus

Lookin forward to it. So is this first SXSW-CNN team a semi-official Vimeo crew-in-training? How did they get involved with the project, did you approach them or they approach you; or did it happen organically at or in the days leading up to the fest? Curious to learn how this new working relationship with Vimeo users unfolds.

Daniel Hayek Staff

Andrea and I personally reached out to a few near and dear Vimeo members that we knew were heading to Austin. As the relationship progresses and we work out a process of some sort we'll be sharing details.

ryan s

I agree. I thought SXSW was about cutting edge music. This just seems like a trip through any city's entertainment district.
I get how long animated text takes, but I could go into my garage and count nails on my toolbench, animate those stats into a video and it would be just as interesting.

Stacy Conaway Plus

Nice work, I enjoyed it. I miss Austin ... :(
Went to college there, love the town.
Keep Austin Weird!

Michael Senzon PRO

One of the cnn video producers is working on a video "Keep Austin Weird"...coming soon..

Tyler Gorrell

I liked it, well done. Here's another austin video that shows a different side of the city. I love this town, glad to call it home:


this is great and inspiring. congratulations to all

jehu Garcia

This is just the start of a new way of event coverage, still rough around the edges but all the kinks will be worked out I'm sure Here is my point of view of the awesome Party Vimeo and Nikon sponsored on sunday night


Great !!! Waitin' for new opportunities... !

Andrew Kornylak PRO

Cheers Vimeo!

I know this is editorial content, and emi-official iReporting at that, but is this a step in the direction of "officially" allowing commercial clients to use Vimeo?


well done vimeo

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