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Vimeo announces brand-new TV apps

Will True
December 14, 2016 by Will True Staff

To enjoy the most amazing videos, you need amazing experiences built just for your TV and mobile screens. That’s why we introduced all-new, all-gorgeous iOS and Android apps this year, and the ability to purchase incredible films and series directly from the creators on Roku. And today, we’re thrilled to announce our brand-new Apple TV and Android TV apps — with Samsung Smart TV coming in the very near future! — all of which are designed to bring the best of Vimeo to your big(ger) screen.

These fresh new apps means it’s easier than ever to find the best videos on the planet, discover new favorites, and enjoy it all ad-free, just as the filmmakers intended.

So what’s new? Here’s what’s already arrived for Apple TV and Android TV, and what’s arriving shortly for your Samsung Smart TV.    

Find the best of Vimeo, right away: Now when you open the app, you can instantly start browsing and watching the best, freshest videos on the nets — all hand-picked and updated daily by our curation team.

And today the app launches with the most astoundingly brilliant collection of the year: Vimeo’s Best of 2016 Staff Picks, packed with over an hour’s worth of the absolute best videos uploaded to Vimeo this year.

Your feed, your choice: Follow your favorite filmmakers, channels, and categories right from the app, and enjoy a custom-built feed of great videos, just for Y-O-U.

Stream your favorites in a snap:  Now, you can find all your Vimeo On Demand purchases or rentals, and all those enticing videos you’ve added to your Watch Later queue with easy access to your library.

More viewing options. Can’t finish that film in one sitting? No sweat. Whether you started watching on mobile or TV, you can pick it up wherever you left off, on whatever device you prefer.

Easier log-in: Pair your Vimeo account with an easy-to-use activation code, and quickly access your videos, channels and followers, right from your TV.

Phew! That’s a lot of new things, but there’s even more to come. We’ll be updating the TV app experiences from here on out and have some really exciting features in the pipeline — we’d love to hear what YOU want from your Vimeo TV app. So download Vimeo to your streaming platform of choice and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Flo Hoelzl

I'm happy about the update(s)! Been looking forward to it for a while now. Although I still have two more questions/ideas about the new TV and/or mobile apps:
1. Will we be able to add videos to a channel from within the app and not only via the website?
2. I know it's probably not that easy of a task, but I would love to be able to remote control the TV application with my smartphone! (It's pretty decently integrated into the YouTube app e.g.)

Will True Staff

Thanks, Flo! I'm glad you're happy about the updates. To your questions:
1. That isn't functionality that we're planning on working on soon for the TV apps, but I'll pass along your feedback to the mobile team!
2. Tighter integration between the mobile and TV apps is definitely something we're looking at. These next-generation TV platforms have made huge strides in making the interfaces easier to navigate and interact with, but it's no comparison to the ease of mobile where you can touch, swipe, type, etc., directly on the screen. Our engineers have whipped up some awesome proof-of-concepts hooking the apps together, and we're going to be taking a good look at where we can take that in 2017.

William Speruzzi Plus

Great news! I can only hope that this means the Xbox One app is near launch? Maybe?

Will True Staff

Thanks, William! It's on our roadmap for next year, hang tight!

Will True Staff

Thanks! We're really excited about the potential of the Android TV platform.

szczottie Plus

Is it gonna support 4k in near future on Android TV (Nvidia Shield)?

Will True Staff

Hi @szczottie, the app supports 4k on the NVIDIA SHIELD already! We're using adaptive streaming which selects the best quality based on your connection, device specs, etc. (which if you have a fast internet connection and a 4K device, should always pick 4K, if available). Not all videos on Vimeo are 4k, though. Here is a Staff Pick that should appear in 4k on your device:


Wonderful news. Maybe from now, after one year lack, we can play Vimeo on Samsung TV.

Will True Staff

Thanks, Misu! Please let us know if you are still having issues with playback on the new app once it's available. Unfortunately, our ability to support the existing application is very limited.


Unfortunately until today the new app or even fix of old one isn't available for my Samsung TV.


I hope the new Vimeo app for Samsung Smart TV's supports all the latest codecs like H.265 As at the moment i can not play 1 in 10 videos because of unsupported file formats.

Will True Staff

Hi @skywatcher64, the new application will support playback for nearly everything currently supported on (there are some reeeeaaally old videos on Vimeo that we may have a little trouble with). But do let us know if you have any issues.


Thanks looking forward to that. I was talking about new videos with the latest codec's but if they are supported great ! :)


It's has been a month now and i was wondering when Vimeo could release the new version of the Samsung Smart TV app, any news on that ? I still can't play 1 in 10 videos on my smart TV unfortunately.



Will True Staff

It was our pleasure, ccf! We had a lot of fun building and testing these apps.


Looking good, guys.

If you are considering more – not only Smart TV – platforms in the future, check out what we can do for you. We have some prepared OTT solutions that could be more than ideal for you.


When you say Andriod app, does this include the app that is used by the Amazon Fire TV?

Will True Staff

Hi @missu, at the moment, the Android app is only available on Android TV devices through the Google Play store. However, we're working with Amazon to get the updated application onto the Amazon Fire TV platform very very soon!

Will True Staff

Thanks! Please do let us know if you have any feedback.

Kawshik Ahmed

Thank you Vimeo for the new Android TV app


We're using an Apple TV v4 in our office entryway to loop videos to a TV through Vimeo. With the old app we could access our Albums that were set up in Collections and loop and play all. With the new app, we can no longer access those Albums to play the videos we've grouped. Are we missing something, or is this functionality coming back in the future? We've had to go to static image slideshows in the interim, and would love you to give us some help!

Brooks Reynolds Plus

Samsung release ETA? All the new apps have been a massive improvement. Can't wait for more of the great work!

Carol Shaner

Hi, just found video and I am somewhat tech challenged. I have a smart tv, it's not Samsung though. My question: is there any way possible to stream movies to my tv? If not, pls tell me. Must I just now watch video movies only on my internet through computer or mobile phone? Thanking you in advance for ANY help I receive.

Psreddy Palakolanu

First of all, I want to say this is an awesome blog.Thank you for the updated information about Vimeo new android apps. Keep going on, good stuff. Thank you for this valuable information.

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