One of the reasons we at Vimeo remain optimistic about net neutrality is that it’s a hugely popular issue with anyone who is a consumer or creator of internet videos — which is to say, most people these days. For this reason, net neutrality isn’t intrinsically (and shouldn’t be) a partisan or conservative/liberal wedge issue. Today, we have solid evidence of that with the bold action of Representative Mike Coffman (R-CO) in introducing the 21st Century Internet Act.

Congressman Coffman’s bill would prohibit ISPs from blocking, throttling, and otherwise discriminating against Internet traffic. At the same time, ISPs wouldn’t be subject to full common-carrier regulation—their primary objection to the FCC’s 2015 rules. And unlike the FCC’s actions over the past decade, this law wouldn’t be subject to the endless loop of rulemaking and repeal that we find ourselves in. Websites and ISPs alike need certainty to operate and invest, and both sides should seize this opportunity to obtain a fair and permanent solution.

We also applaud Congressman Coffman for announcing that he will be the first Republican House member to sign the discharge petition to advance the Congressional Review Act resolution to overturn the FCC’s 2017 repeal of the net neutrality rules. Because the Senate has already passed the resolution, this remains the quickest and easiest way to restore net neutrality. We call on all House members who haven’t yet taken a position to sign the petition and vote for the resolution.

Last, we encourage you, our creators, to remain engaged. Many of you have taken the time to write or call your representatives in the countless days of action over the past year. This has had an impact; people are listening. So please, continue to make noise. It could drive us closer toward a permanent law protecting net neutrality.

Want to learn more about net neutrality and its greater implications? You can learn more about it — and our stance on the matter — on our blog.