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Vimeo does Vegas: NAB 2012

Andrea Allen
April 10, 2012 by Andrea Allen PRO

Next week (April 14-19) is the big>NAB shindig in Las Vegas — the annual tradeshow/clustercuss put on by the National Association of Broadcasters. The event brings together pretty much everyone in the audio and video industry, from gear manufacturers to technology theorists to federal officials. As a gear theory official myself, I'll be there to give you the Vimeo perspective on NAB.

There's tons of stuff to cover at NAB, and lots of people will be covering that stuff quite well, so we've decided to look beyond the obvious shiny attractions. In addition to showing you the latest equipment on the show floor, I'll be heading into the wilds of Las Vegas to conduct exclusive interviews and find answers to the burning questions others are afraid to ask.

Vimeo's NAB coverage starts April 16 — follow our adventures at>


Jennifer Hook Plus

"and.. is the quickest way to your dream job: experience, a degree, or a 5D Mark III?"

hilarious, love it!


Where will this be in Vegas I was going there this weekend may as well go capture some good footage


You guys have such a fun job! see you guys in Vegas!

Devin Sloan Plus

Exciting! I hope I one day can have a job as cool as yours. :)


Hope to see ya in Vegas

Lucas Milner

Looking forward to the NAB coverage thanks! I'll be living vicariously through you that week ;)


ok, ill try to take off.

Big7 Media Plus

Andrea, You seriously need your own show..You are naturally funny.
We will hunt you down at NAB and get some pics. :)
follow us on twitter


So awesome. Wish I could be there this year.


We hope you can come and see the best ultra motion camera on earth : X10 on our booth#C4644 More infos :

V for Vincent Plus

I love your coverage of the event. Can't go but glad you are. Oh, and Andrea, I just wanted to warn you that Randy from BandPro has a crush on you.

Doug Lawrence PRO

Andrea, the great, fun pixie of all things Vimeo! Whatever she does, wherever she goes...capture it!


Say hello at the GrassValley booth if you have time, I'll be there demoing EDIUS and color grading :) Matt

Pete Fagerlin Plus

That's great but your time would be better spent fixing your serious problems back at HQ.

You have major systems/infrastructure problems that are causing massive delays in your paying customer's videos being converted and viewable.

Count your lucky stars that you don't have any SLAs in place or you would be out of business at this point.

Tony Nar

Yes, she is like the fruit shake

Bart van der Gaag Plus

Could you pick me up some stuff while you're there? I'll send you a list and I'll pay you back, I promise!


Fantastic Andrea, great to have you bringing some news to Germany :) Can't be there...shame!

David J Frederick Plus

I laughed at your video. Love the mounted camera. Pretty good, certainly engaging. I think that the annulment will be done easiest with anything in a 4K based image capture. Remember, the detail is in the fine print so you will need the higher resolution!
This will be my first NAB. I have been avoiding it all these years, not a Vegas fan. But now I am going to join the fray. See you there? Haha. HArd enough to meet friends at CineGear.

Jonne Ollakka

I hope the Digitalbolex guys have something to show, if they're there.

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