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Vimeo is four years old!

dalas verdugo
February 17, 2009 by dalas verdugo Alum
Vimeo first opened for public use on February 16th, 2005. We have been speeding forward ever since, adding features, improving the site, and keeping Vimeo awesome with your help! Thanks to everyone who has gone through this journey with us, and to all of you who just joined the site. Your positive attitudes, respectful dialogue, and helpful recommendations are what make Vimeo such a unique website. We've got more features and improvements in the oven, and year five is going to be great!



Awesome, congrats!

Ted Avery

I loved Vimeo when I first found it (don't remember exactly when) but left when I saw the upload limit was 30MB... couldn't find a use at such a small size. Look how far it has come!

Andrei Nica (Sendal)

happy birthday, vimeo! :)

congratulations for this wonderful service, i hope you will keep the high quality standard...


Happy Birthday


May the force be with you, and Happy B-Day. Thanks for the last years 2U and the Staff.

Remyyy Plus

Joyeux anniversaire !!! I spent two and a half fantastic years here. All the best for the future to every one of you, old, present, future Vimeo team members !! Whenever you want, there are some beers for you in my french fridge (it can be orange juice, or whisky, or whatever).

Adam Shannon

Sweet, can we buy a t-shirt? (Fyi, I'm really looking forward to the shirts!)

Nate Pilling

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Happy Birthday, Vimeo!


wow, happy birthday!
i can't remember what was the state of internet video at that time...
Could macromedia flash play 24 fps at that time?

Matt Cox

Awesome, congrats guys and gals!

Planet60 Films

happy birthday vimeo!
Here's to another 4 more years and beyond!

Adam Cohen

Wow thats old. Happy Birthday!

Kris Haamer

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy this is great Happy Birthday to all of us :D


I can remeber waiting until sunday to upload when the upload limits were reset.

Happy B day Vimeo!

Piotr Bargiel

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin, Vimeo! :)

Karen Abad Plus

Aww Adorable.

Happy Birthday, sexy party ?

hee hee

I can also relate to waiting all week long anxiously for Sunday night for my quota to refresh.

But seriously, thank you guys for all your hard work, and your heavy involvement in the community. Thanks for encouraging me and helping me grow as a filmmaker and thanks for being just all around awesome.

You guys have made an incredible thing and I'm excited to see where it goes.

All these comments directed to all staff members except sox. He's smelly.

haha just kidding. <3


you've been with me for more than 3 years, i love you vimeo <3


Capucha Plus

Joyeux anniversaire Vimeo !
Thank you for being awesome and bringing together so many talented, creative and lovely people. I can say without exagerrating that Vimeo has changed my life, as well as the way I see the world. Thank you, so, so much !

DsW Films...

I would just like to say, i signed up only a few months after that. and, congrats vimeo. You made it this far . lets hold our glasses up tall and cheers to another 4.


So much goods, tallent people, h quality content, fans and also my attention(!)!
Very friendly interface and Design.
I watching no TV, i'm happy with VIMEO!
(sory for my english.)

Andrew Cornett

Where's the birthday bash gonna be?! San Francisco!!!!!????

Congrats, hands down my favorite site on the 'net

Michael Perry

i hope 2nd favorite site...but ya vimeo rocks. after party at the hellamega hq's

mike ambs

Yay! Happy birthday Vimeo!

Jennifer Morris Plus

Happy birthday Vimeo! Thanks you guys for making my favourite website and revolutionizing the way we share video!

As a flagging filmmaker Vimeo kind of kick-started my creativity, now I want to make videos just so I can share them on here :)

Charlie McCarthy Plus

Cool! Vimeo birthday party this weekend at my house. Since your only 4 i will try to get a clown and maybe a magician. I expect everyone to be there :)

N. Q.

Happy Birthday! Thanks for creating Vimeo! HD rules!

Glen Dunn Plus

Happy birthday Vimeo. Four years old! You'll be getting up to all sorts of mischief now! You guys, this site and the crew at the helm are way, way past cool. Thanks.

Michael Perry

have a hellamega bday! does vimeo realize you share a birthday with michael jordan??? you guys are just destined for greatness

vsvs Plus

shit, i should've gotten you something.


Time is flying by. I'm still so happy about Vimeo.




Been with you for a bit more than one of those years, found you when searching for the best quality playback and stayed for the community. A lot of great artists and overall nice people. So happy birthday Vimeo! And many, many more!


great thingy and the proof that a community based videoportal works :)

Wolfgang Gabler

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

This is German... ;-))))


woohoo! Happy Birthday Vimeo!

Thanks for building an awesome community and such wonderful media...

*sheds tear*


So vimeo is older than youtube? Happy birthday Vimeo ;-)

Michael Rissi

Congratulations! It's awesome to be part of it!


Happy b-day, guys! Hope you'll stick around for much much longer.
Great site, great community!

Dan Davis-Long

I'm only 10 months old in the Vimeo world and very happy to be here. Happy B-Day Vimeo - love ya!

LOCKDOWN projects Plus

Happy Birthday, and thanks for a great service you give us! Honestly, thanks so much! tim.


Happy Birthday! Good Job!


Happy, happy Birthday VIMEO!!!!


Happy Birthday, with hopefully a lot more to come :)


¡Feliz cumpleaños!

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